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About EDC

EDC implements strategies that set the San Diego region apart from our competitors. We are supported by over 135 companies deeply committed to regional prosperity. Our mission is to attract high-wage companies to the region from around the world, assist those here with expansion plans, and to champion foundational efforts to improve the region's competitiveness. 

Our regional jobs development strategy focuses on increasing high-paying jobs across significant sectors in our regional economy – technology, military, and tourism in partnership with industry associations and economic development partners.

Our economic development program focuses on companies to promote the expansion, retention, and attraction of industry. In 2011, EDC supported 109 projects providing statistical data, industry information, and community linkages to facilitate expansions, retain existing businesses, and attract new companies to the region. We had 16 project wins and exceeded our jobs strategy goal by attracting more than 2,300 new high-wage jobs. In 2012, we will continue to work with a network of partners to leverage the region’s workforce talent and training programs, real estate, incentives, industry sector data and other resources to attract corporate investments into the region.

Our regional competitiveness program is comprised of several programs to improve the region. Our cool, creative, culture program, identifies and supports issues that affect the progress of our urban centers, promotes sustainability and addresses the needs of the millennial generation. Through our rapid response program, we respond to all WARN notices in San Diego County and provide companies with the opportunity to educate their dislocated workers on all of the services available. To enhance our region’s image, we are working with site selectors on ways to market San Diego competitively. In our efforts to become more data and research-driven we are facilitating several economic industry impact studies. We are assisting organizations in expanding San Diego infrastructure to enhance the regions global business capacity. In conjunction with Imperial County and Baja, California, we utilize the unique assets of our bi-national mega-region, Cali Baja, to position San Diego at the forefront of the economic upturn and to capture high-wage jobs in our region.