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Defense Innovation Voucher Program

Are you a defense contractor based in San Diego County who is pursuing new commercial markets or looking to diversify your government contracts?  


Apply for the Defense Innovation Voucher Program as part of the Propel SD grant. This program will provide your business with $15,000 in complimentary consulting services to help your company become more resilient:

  • Marketing
  • Strategic planning
  • Accounting compliance
  • Lean supply chain analysis and additive manufacturing
  • Certifications (ISO 9001, AS9100, AS5553, SDVOSB)

APPLICATION PERIOD: July 2- August 20 

San Diego Regional EDC will select 15 companies who will receive THREE primary benefits through participation in the program.

    Provided via a pre-approved contractor in one or more of the following service areas worth a total of $15,000.

    Defense companies looking to pivot to commercial markets or target other non-defense government contracting need to rebrand existing sales and marketing material to their new audience. This could include graphic design for sales and marketing content, logo update, and website overhaul

    (SDVOSB, AS9100, AS5553, ISO 9001, etc)
    There are a variety of manufacturing and defense-related certifications that will improve a company’s ability to compete for government and non-defense work. Companies will request the type of certificate they would like to receive and then will be assigned a contractor to help them attain that certificate.

    Strategic Planning
    Companies seeking to target a new defense or commercial market can use the support of contractors to develop a strategic plan.
    Accounting Compliance
    Defense contractors are subject to a morass of complex regulatory and reporting requirements. Support can be provided to purchase new systems or update processes to improve the company’s ability to accurately and efficiently remain compliant with government contracting standards.
    Lean Supply Chain & Additive Manufacturing Tools
    Companies could begin the process of adopting lean supply chain principles or exploring new advanced manufacturing tools that will increase their competitiveness.
  2. BOOT CAMP | Enrollment in a six-month long course designed to provide best practices to company leadership on strategies to improve their competitiveness. 
  3. DIV GRAND PRIZE - $25,000 | ​Companies will be incentivized to remain active working with their contractor and engaged in the boot camp with a $25,000 grand prize competition. This competition will award a company based off their level of engagement in these activities and progress towards their goals with an additional $25,000 to work with one of the pre-approved contractors to perform new work with the company.


If you are a non-defense contractor looking to expand to international markets, please check out the MetroConnect program.  As both programs aim to serve small businesses and share common goals, there is one application.

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This project is funded in whole or in part with Community Economic Adjustment Assistance for Reductions in Defense Industry Employment funds provided by the U.S. Department of Defense - Office of Economic Adjustment to the City of San Diego. 

Have more questions about the program? Contact Jesse Gipe at