EDC Monthly Report

September 2020

A note from our board chair:

As I take on the role of board chair for the next two years at San Diego Regional EDC, I am fortunate, blessed, and humbled by the opportunities that life has given me. I also recognize that my story is not the norm for Latino immigrants in this country and that my journey thus far is not particularly common for a city kid from Chicago. I feel both an obligation and responsibility to use this time at EDC wisely, effectively, and purposefully. And as the threats and realities of COVID-19 and racial injustice continue to grip our community and our economy, like many, I feel the urgency and the need to accelerate the recovery that lies in front of us. From the years following the Great Depression to those following the Great Recession, every recovery that the American economy has experienced has increased systemic poverty and widened the inequalities in Latino and African American communities. Too often, in a rush to restore economic normalcy for some, entire segments of our communities have been left further behind and unable to find and maintain their footing on a new and changing economic foundation. Our commitment at EDC is to do everything we can—drawing on the breadth and depth of every partnership and relationship we have— to get this recovery right.

— Julian Parra

By the numbers


San Diego County Unemployment Rate


Businesses Assisted Year-to-Date


Jobs Impacted* Year-to-Date


Interns Placed in Small Companies**

* “Jobs Impacted” is derived from self-reported numbers associated with those businesses EDC has assisted year-to-date.
** Count of intern placements through Advancing San Diego year-to-date. Made possible by J.P. Morgan Chase.

Reopening your small business

The state of California has established a four tier system for reopening nonessential business sectors. Businesses listed in Tier 2, including hair salons, places of worship, gyms, and restaurants, may reopen modified indoor operations that ensure employee and customer health and safety. Find out what you need to know to ensure your business is reopening safely here.

P.S. – you can find more COVID-19 resources for your business on this page!

San Diego Science & the Global Pandemic: A Recap

In August, San Diego: Life. Changing., a talent program of EDC, wrapped up a series of virtual events highlighting the innovation economy and spirit of collaboration that exist in San Diego. The series looked at how the life sciences industry is playing a key role in how we navigate this global pandemic, and life after it, for our region. To find out who we heard from and what we learned, check out our recap.

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