Application to Host MA Interns

Small doctor’s offices, clinics, and other healthcare facilities are invited to apply below to host paid medical assistant interns from Advancing San Diego’s Preferred Provider programs at no cost to your business.

Intern hosts will review resumes and select students themselves based on the need of the office. Students will have completed various levels of training, so businesses are encouraged to include administrative work, front and back office duties, as well as general interaction with patients in internship tasks. The goal is to provide students with experiences that will make them more well-rounded medical assistants, and help prepare them for a job in the rapidly changing healthcare industry, while offering much needed to support to the medical facilities that have carried us through the COVID-19 pandemic. Pending students’ program progress, businesses are welcome to hire interns on as permanent employees following the completion of the internship.

Please review our FAQ sheet or reach out to program staff with any questions.

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Questions about the internship program?

Andrea Crisantes Suarez
Andrea Crisantes Suarez

Coordinator, Economic Development