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'Big things happen here'- Mark on Perry's latest tactic to lure jobs from CA

February 6, 2013


Statement from Mark Cafferty,  president & CEO of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, on Texas Governor Rick Perry's attempts to lure businesses out of California:
“At EDC we spend our days attracting, growing and retaining businesses. People choose to do business here because we are San Diego…because we are California, and because we have created a synergy and culture like no other. Companies make investments where big things happen, and big things happen here.
"Can California take steps to be more business friendly? Absolutely, but the fact remains that we are still number one in biotechnology, agriculture, high-tech, entertainment, foreign direct investment, and the list goes on and on. In San Diego, we are home to one of the nation’s most diverse economies, anchored by the largest military installation in the world.
"We are always open for business in San Diego and we welcome Governor Perry’s tourism dollars anytime he wants to drop into town.”