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Investor Spotlight: DTZ

February 3, 2015

When Cassidy Turley joined forces with DTZ, they brought another global company to San Diego. As one of the top three commercial real estate firms across the globe, DTZ has a presence across Asia, Europe and the Middle East helps connect San Diego to the rest of the world. From Oceanside to Otay Mesa, DTZ works to make sure San Diego companies have the creative space they need to thrive.

This week, we sat down with Dan Broderick, regional managing principal of DTZ’s Southern California office, to learn more about the company’s merger and plan for future growth.

DTZ Logo

1) Tell us about DTZ.
Cassidy Turley and DTZ have officially joined forces under new ownership and a new international DTZ brand. Combined, DTZ is a top-three global commercial real estate services firm, offering clients a complete suite of services in all major markets worldwide. At DTZ, we are market leaders, industry leaders and community leaders. Clients recognize us for the creative sophistication of our real estate advice as well as for the discipline and accuracy of our service delivery. Our thorough understanding of local business practices and market dynamics, combined with our customer focus and service commitment, give our clients a distinct edge in commercial real estate in San Diego. Our focus on exceptional client service and community involvement is because of our unique and exciting culture. We work hard as a team with a like minded purpose and we believe our success is measured by the success of the clients and communities we serve. We don’t just work in our communities, we belong to them. 

2) What are some advantages to being located in San Diego? 
Why DTZ chose San Diego Completed
America’s Finest City – for anyone who has spent any time here – needs no explanation. It is a special place in the world; a very diverse city fraught with opportunities. As one of the most educated cities in the United States, San Diego’s skilled workforce feeds thriving biotech and telecom industries. The region is also home to largest military presence in the world. These unique advantages continue to encourage economic growth which, in turn, further fuels the commercial real estate market.  As the market continues to get healthier, we have seen tremendous business growth with unemployment down to 5.2 percent.  Of course, we have the small advantage of having over 70 miles of coastline, rugged mountains, world class golf, amusement parks, and the best weather in the continental US! 

3) San Diego is full of dynamic companies, firms and service providers influencing global trends and innovation. Pick another San Diego company that is at the top of its game.
D&K Engineering is one of San Diego's finest. They are driving leading manufacturing, product design, technologies and processes for highly innovative products and equipment on a worldwide scale. They were instrumental in developing the San Diego success story, EcoATM, and they have designed, developed and manufactured highly complex products from medical devices, to 3-D printers, to military mechanics. Simply put, D&K Engineering bridges the gap between concept and reality.

4) What do you anticipate for your company in five years? What do you anticipate for San Diego?
The new DTZ creates a culture that values extraordinary client care and exceptional service under the premise that we are growing to get better, not just bigger. Our customers can look forward to complementary product lines that together create a broader spectrum of commercial real estate solutions. Our plan is to pursue options for using our combined capabilities to optimize existing service lines. We also expect to expand capacity in strategic service lines and industry sectors to meet and exceed client requirements. San Diego continues to put itself on the map and grow each day and DTZ will continue to advance alongside of it.