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Investor Spotlight: RA Capital Advisors

November 4, 2014

RA Capital Advisors

San Diego builds products and innovations that bring value to the rest of the world. However, San Diego’s story is a bit different from other regions across the country. Whereas many regions rely on a few large companies for the majority of their economic growth, San Diego’s story is one of building innovative, highly-valued companies from the ground up.

Companies like RA Capital Advisors get that. Having served the San Diego business community for more than 25 years, they have worked with clients across many of San Diego’s high-growth industries, including defense, energy, and manufacturing.

This week, we sat down with RA Capital Advisors' Joel Reed to hear more about the competitive advantages of doing business in the region.

1.  Tell us about RA Capital Advisors
RA Capital is a boutique investment bank providing financial advisory services to businesses both domestically and internationally.  We focus on mergers, acquisitions dispositions and private financings, and have completed over $60 billion in transactions since founding our business in the San Diego area over 25 years ago. 

RA Capital has handled many large and high profile transactions, including helping our clients:  use innovative technology to create substantial energy savings for commercial aircraft, combine their businesses into one of America's premier defense technology companies, finance construction of the largest fleet of ocean-going container ships, and realize many other entrepreneurial dreams. We bring that same experience to helping small and middle market business owners successfully build their companies, and realize their value when the time is right.

2.  What are some advantages to doing business in SD?
Why RA Capital Chose SDSan Diego is a vibrant center for innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.  Being in San Diego allows you to see great companies grow from the ground up.  We have enjoyed working with companies as they grow new technologies or business ideas into successful companies like Sirius XM Radio, Sandel Avionics and The Titan Corporation. Many of our diverse clients have focused on specialized manufacturing, national security, aerospace, energy, and healthcare.  San Diego offers these employers the opportunity to create challenging and rewarding jobs in a city with an outstanding quality of life, that is a preferred destination for many professionals and technologies.  As companies such as Qualcomm, SAIC, and others have grown, they have generated many new businesses, reinvigorating the community.  Facing the Pacific makes San Diego a great fit with our affiliate partners' offices in India and Malaysia, and local high tech companies often find our European affiliate offices to be a source of beneficial connections.

3.  San Diego is full of dynamic companies, firms and service providers influencing global trends and innovation. Pick another San Diego company that is at the top of its game.
Manufacturing and innovation are essential to the success of our community and our economy.  D&K Engineering, located in Rancho Bernardo, is a very exciting example.  D&K is a global product realization company specializing in the design, engineering and manufacturing of complex electromechanical products and equipment.  Through innovation, collaboration and process discipline, D&K partners with organizations to create and build innovative products while reducing cost, accelerating time to market and ensuring product quality. As D&K puts it: they bridge the gap between concept and reality. 

4.   What do we anticipate for San Diego and RA Capital in five years?
San Diego and its regional partners will emerge as a premier global city, exporting and exchanging products, technology and talent with its Asian neighbors and the rest of the world. Continuing innovations in technologies will require building upon our world class institutions of higher learning and expanding our highly skilled workforce. San Diego will build intelligent infrastructure to support this growth, while maintaining the unique beauty of our surrounding area and offering a lifestyle that attracts the active, intellectually curious individuals who create innovation. RA Capital will grow locally, while continuing to expand its global capabilities and be part of supporting this regional growth. We will help San Diego companies find the capital they need to grow, acquire the companies that complement their businesses and extend their reach around the globe. And, as we have always done, we will use our global experience and personal commitment as trusted advisors, to create value for clients, their owners, their employees and the San Diego community.

RA Capital Advisors LLC is a Member of FINRA and SIPC.