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Mexican economic plan aims to cut migration to the US

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BBC: "Nikia Clarke, from the San Diego Regional EDC, says that the new initiative by the Mexican government brings "additional clarity about cross-border production in the U.S./Mexico relationship."

Water Investments Fuel Our Growing Economy

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Water also drives the iconic industries that make San Diego County truly San Diego — craft brewing, tourism, manufacturing, life sciences and agriculture, among others. But how is San Diego County fueled by water in a region that only receives 10 inches of rain each year?

California Today: Would a Qualcomm Takeover Be Bad for San Diego?

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Amid Broadcom's unsolicited attempt to buyout local tech giant Qualcomm, EDC's Mark Cafferty provides commentary on community impact in this New York Times piece.

With Qualcomm in Play, San Diego Fears Losing ‘Our Flag’

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"For each job the company generates, San Diego gets almost two and a half more out of the indirect economic effects, according to a 2013 report from the San Diego Workforce Partnership and San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation." Read the full piece.

Businesses need to act together to attract talent

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With U.S. unemployment hitting a 17-year low late last year, competition for talent has become increasingly fierce for businesses across the country. 
Part of a company's challenge in attracting talent, however, is working with the broader business community in its city, region or state to ensure that it is not only a place where people want to work, but also a place where people want to live. Read this piece.

Why trade continues to make headlines under Trump

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In USA Today, EDC's Nikia Clarke offers insight on the impact of trade deals on small to medium-sized firms in the U.S.

Trump Trade Actions More Measured Than Campaign Talk, Goals Unclear

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President Trump signed two executive orders on trade on Friday - one instructing the Commerce Department and U.S. Trade Representative to examine the United States trade deficit. WTC San Diego executive director and EDC vice president Nikia Clarke offers commentary in The Street.

A trade war is brewing in the white house between rival camps

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WTC San Diego executive director and EDC vice president Nikia Clarke was included in this LA Times piece about the impact of Trump's trade policy.

San Diego, Tijuana Mayors Extol Virtues of Cross-Border Ties

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With political talks of walls and trade barriers, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Tijuana Mayor  Juan Manuel Gastelum, alongside other civic leaders, expressed committment to continued cross-border collaboration, commerce and culture.

Innovate78: The Munificent Five

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City governments are often like sports teams, viewing a win for one as a loss for another.
But in North County, five cities — Carlsbad, Escondido, Oceanside, San Marcos and Vista — are about two years into a collaborative economic development and marketing program that rests on the rejection of that attitude.