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December 16, 2014


Most people have heard of AT&T. But what they don’t know is how closely they work with the community.  As one the nation’s largest wireless service providers, they are committed to connecting San Diego – and its non-profits, businesses, and residents – to other entities across the globe.
This week, we sat down with Ignacio De La Torre, regional VP, external affairs for AT&T, to learn more about how they view their relationship with San Diego.
1) Tell us about AT&T.
AT&T is a leading provider of wireless, Wi-Fi, high speed Internet, voice and cloud-based services.  AT&T has nearly 3,700 employees working in the San Diego and Imperial Counties region and has strong relationships with various community organizations including: Junior Achievement, Operation Homefront, United through Reading, Urban League of San Diego County, Imperial County Community Foundation, and Barrio Logan College Institute.  AT&T is committed to investing in San Diego.  For example, this past November, AT&T made a $300,000 contribution to Interfaith Community Services to support its Transitional Youth Academy, a program to improve academic and career outcomes for under-served youth.  AT&T also has two “Store of the Future” locations in San Diego County, which are focused on customers’ lifestyles and allow customers to interact with new technology products creating a fun, unique and interactive shopping experience.
2) What are some advantages to being located/doing business in San Diego? 
Why AT&T Chose San Diego San Diego continues to outpace the rest of the nation – and much of the world – when it comes to job creation and economic recovery.  In fact, a recent report by the University of San Diego found that San Diego County is on pace to add more than 30,000 jobs for the third straight year.  San Diego’s economic success is fueled in large part by the growth of the “knowledge-based” economy, its climate, and its geographic location enabling ease of trade and global commerce. Innovative high-tech and life science companies have found a home in San Diego, and world-class research universities and exciting startup businesses continue to shape our economic landscape. AT&T is a part of this economic growth and prosperity, and is excited to be a part of San Diego’s future.
3) San Diego is full of dynamic companies, firms and service providers influencing global trends and innovation. Pick another San Diego company that is at the top of its game. 
Organizations such as CONNECT, EvoNexus, and CommNexus have changed the way that businesses are formed.  Through their collaborative approach in working with investors, inventors, industry and service providers, they offer incubator platforms for technology and life sciences start-ups, which has helped grow the San Diego economy.  Thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars have been realized as a result of their tremendous work.   
4) What do you anticipate for your company in five years? What do you anticipate for San Diego? 
In the past five years, the mobile Internet along with smart phones, applications and tablets have transformed our world in how we work, shop, communicate and socialize. AT&T will continue to lead this innovation and growth, and in the next five years, we expect to see all devices becoming more connected, more user-friendly and more intelligent.  In fact, by 2022, the average household with two teenage children will own roughly 50 Internet-connected devices, up from approximately 10 today, according to estimates by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. San Diego is ideally situated to be a leader in this new technology wave.  As a leader in technology advancement, San Diego will bring incredible economic opportunities for businesses and individuals alike.