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Rob McCray

August 5, 2015

This is part of an ongoing series on the recipients of the MetroConnect Prize, a grant, provided by JPMorgan Chase, awarded to 15 companies looking to expand into new foreign markets. Subscribe here to receive new posts every Wednesday on this topic.

Wearable Sensing

One of the most often misquoted facts about our brain is that we only use 10 percent of it. The original quote, from over 100 years ago, stated “the brain is so complex we only know what 10 percent of it is used for.”

Wearable Sensing’s technology aims to change this perception by expanding scientists’ understanding of the inner workings of the human brain.

Wearable Sensing manufactures and sells wearable, wireless, and dry sensor EEG brain activity monitoring systems. This technology, which was developed at San Diego-based Quantum Applied Science and Research (QUASAR), enables research grade EEG recording in real-world environments. From improving athletic performance for Red Bull professional surfers to mind-controlling robotic arms for arm wrestling to understanding traumatic brain injury in soldiers, Wearable Sensing’s monitoring systems have numerous applications.

As a San Diego-based company, Wearable Sensing is in one of the leading regions worldwide for the convergence of healthcare and wireless technology. Regional institutions and companies, such as UC San Diego, are creating products and devices that are changing the way healthcare is managed and distributed to patients.

“San Diego is a world leader in wireless telecommunications and one of the world leaders in the life sciences,” said Rob McCray, president & CEO at Wireless-Life Sciences Alliance and a MetroConnect Prize judge, in an interview with KPBS. “We are putting tools that enable people to take better care of their own health and even provide management of their health care.

It is because of small- and medium-sized companies that San Diego’s life sciences industry ranks fourth in the U.S. The success of these firms is critical to the region’s future, and increasing their global reach is crucial to that success. Through the MetroConnect Prize, made possible by JPMorgan Chase, companies such as Wearable Sensing received $10,000 grants to assist with their next step in going global.

“We receive inquiries from academic researchers and companies all around the world due to the reputation of our sensors,” said Walid Soussou, president at Wearable Sensing. “We see international distribution as key to our growth strategy.”

Wearable Sensing plans to spend the funding towards completing the necessary steps to receive the CE mark certification. Following the certification, the company will target the European market for expansion. It is currently developing opportunities in Latin America and will further develop contacts in the Asian market. 

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