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Our region is home to a vibrant manufacturing cluster that spans many industries, including the defense, aerospace, shipbuilding and repair, medical devices, craft brewing, and sports and active lifestyle industries.

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With a highly-skilled workforce, robust training programs, and close proximity to Mexico, San Diego is a hub for advanced manufacturing companies, with nearly 3,150 manufacturing companies currently supporting more than 110,000 jobs.

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San Diego Regional EDC is a member of California’s Manufacturing Network (CMN) and a partner of CMTC.

California’s Manufacturing Network (CMN), formed and led by CMTC, provides services exclusively to Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers (SMMs) throughout California. The Network is a collaboration of more than 25 manufacturing focused partners that deliver a broad range of technical assistance services to SMMs in both urban and rural areas. The Network’s mission is to generate a positive financial impact for manufacturers and the California economy.


  • California Manufacturers and Technology Association (CMTA) |
  • Center for Applied Competitive Technologies |
  • California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC) |

Get free or low-cost resources for San Diego manufacturers

The following resources are available through CMTC to manufacturers in California.

  • California Manufacturers Accelerator Program
    For companies with fewer than 50 employees, this program enables access to tools and resources, advisors, and networks to improve profitability and productivity.
  • Small Business Technical Assistance Expansion Program
    For California manufacturers with fewer than 100 employees, this program will help offset general project fees and provide 24 hours of no charge assistance.
    First come, first served.
  • Employment Training Panel
    For California manufacturers with more than 10 employees, wages at more than $15/hour, and full time of more than 30 hours to offset projects costs associated with training employees.
  • CASCADE Cybersecurity
    For aerospace and defense companies, as well as critical suppliers, this program can help companies ensure DFARS compliance readiness.
  • CMTC General Assistance
    Made in CA profile, consultations with experts, network connections, and resource referrals (financing, tax incentives, distribution, workforce, etc.)
  • Made in CA
    Make a free company profile page in Made in CA’s manufacturing business online directory to increase awareness of your products, services, and your company news
  • Supplier Scouting Database
    For manufacturers, CMTC Supplier Scouting Service experts will work with you to understand your needs and match you with companies with a high potential to meet those needs.
  • California Manufacturers Accelerator Plus® (CMA+)
    For small and medium-sized manufacturers, get a fresh review of your business, with technical expertise and leadership to identify and solve problems. Each year CMTC’s advisors assist hundreds of manufacturers in identifying and implementing solutions to remove barriers to growth.

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