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Inclusive Growth

The growth of San Diego’s innovation economy has made the region better educated and more prosperous than most of its peers. However, this economic transformation presents new challenges for future growth. If unaddressed, San Diego will no longer be an attractive place to live and do business. See the data in our interative web study:

For the region to remain competitive, proactive measures to promote economic inclusion must be taken. Throughout 2018, EDC and its Inclusive Growth Steering Committee will develop measurable targets and actionable recommendations that together create a platform for inclusive economic growth and achieve three main goals

Building a Strong Local Talent Pipeline
GOAL: 20,000 Annual Completions by 2030
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Equipping Small Businesses to Compete
GOAL: 50K New Quality Jobs within Small Businesses by 2030
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Addressing the Affordability Crisis
Coming Soon
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Initially, EDC defined this goal as closing the minority achievement gap. After gathering more data and consulting with experts in the educational and workforce systems, EDC and its Inclusive Growth Steering Committee concluded that the number of local produced talent is simply not enough to meet the demands of San Diego's most productive industries. Data also indicates that the region's fastest-growing population (Hispanics) is statistically the least prepared for high-skilled jobs. In order to meet the region's demands for talent, special focus must then be placed on underrepresented populations as they continue to grow proportionally.

San Diego's economy depends on a highly-educated and highly-skilled workforce. A nationwide battle for talent and soaring cost of living here make attracting talent from elsewhere increasingly difficult. To ensure the region's future competitiveness, San Diego needs to build a strong local talent pipeline. EDC and its steering committee have determined that the region must double its number of locally produced talent to 20,000 new skilled workers in San Diego per year by 2030, as measured by degree or credential completions. EDC will monitor progress on this goal, while also tracking performance across geographies and demographics, throughout the educational pipeline. Learn more by visiting the Building San Diego's Pipeline interactive web study.

In an effort to sustain San Diego’s economic competitiveness, San Diego Regional EDC and its Inclusive Growth Steering Committee of 40 employers officially endorsed a regional goal to create 50,000 new quality jobs within small businesses by 2030. Driven by EDC’s latest study release, Equipping Small Businesses to Compete, this regional goal and accompanying set of employer recommendations aim to help small businesses in San Diego to compete – the second of three main goals of EDC’s Inclusive Growth initiative.

With the first two goals developed and endorsed by the Inclusive Growth Steering Committee, over the next few months, EDC will pivot to developing the third goal: addressing San Diego’s affordability crisis.


  • Sam Attisha, Senior Vice President & Region Manager, Cox Communications
  • Kim Becker, CEO, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
  • Jennie Brooks, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Janice Brown, Founding Partner, Brown Law Group
  • Erik Caldwell, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, City of San Diego
  • Sunny Cooke, President, MiraCosta Community College
  • Don Chick, CEO & President, New Synergist Consulting
  • Rob Douglas, President & COO, ResMed
  • Scott Drury, President, San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Jane Finley, Senior Vice President and Area Manager, Kaiser Permanente
  • Dan Harrington, Chief Services Officer, Teradata
  • Lisette Islas, Chief Impact Officer, The MAAC Project
  • Rudy Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Neighborhood House Association
  • Judy McDonald, Board member, Parker Foundation
  • Matt Newsome, General Manager, North America West, Cubic Transportation Systems
  • Patricia Prado-Olmos, Vice President, Community Engagement, California State University San Marcos
  • Rip Rippetoe, Chief Executive Officer, San Diego Convention Center
  • Tom Siedler, Managing Partner, San Diego Padres
  • Paul Thiel, President, Northern Trust
  • Mary Walshok, Dean, UC San Diego Extension

If you are an employer interested in joining this effort, please contact

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Introducing Advancing San Diego!

Thanks to the JPMorgan Chase AdvancingCities grant, EDC and our partners are launching the Advancing San Diego initiative that will strengthen our local workforce by enhancing relationships between employers and education systems.

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Steering Committee

  • Co-Chair Janice Brown, Brown Law Group
  • Co-Chair Jim Waring
  • Bill Anderson, AECOM
  • Sam Attisha, Cox Communications
  • Christina Bibler, City of San Diego
  • Jennie Brooks, Booz Allen Hamilton 
  • Don Chick, Central San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Sunny Cooke, MiraCosta Community College
  • Cynthia Curiel, Northrop Grumman Corp.
  • Dino D'Auria, HomeStreet Bank
  • Mark Field, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Jane Finley, Kaiser Permanente 
  • Melissa Floca, UC San Diego
  • Kurt Gering, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
  • Thom Harpole, San Diego State University
  • Juanita Hendrickson, Teradata
  • Ed Hidalgo, Cajon Valley Union School District
  • Lisette Islas, The MAAC Project



  • Rudy Johnson, Neighborhood House Association
  • Carol Kim, San Diego Building & Construction Trades Council
  • Jennifer LeSar, LeSar Associates
  • Keith Maddox, San Diego & Imperial Labor Council
  • Connie Matsui, San Diego Foundation
  • Bruce Mayberry, SDG&E
  • Judy McDonald, Parker Foundation
  • John Mendez, Mendez Strategy Group 
  • Matt Newsome, Cubic Transportation Systems
  • Julian Parra, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Patricia Prado-Olmos, CSU San Marcos
  • Rip Rippetoe, San Diego Convention Center
  • Peter Siedler, San Diego Padres
  • Pat Sullivan, SPAWAR
  • Paul Thiel, Chairman's Roundtable
  • Mary Walshok, UC San Diego Extension
  • Randy Ward, Teach for America San Diego

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