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DIV Grand Prize Pitchfest

May 23, 2019

San Diego Central Library - Shirley Special Events Suite 

330 Park Blvd | San Diego, CA 92101

On Thursday May 23, five defense companies who participated in the inaugural class of the Defense Innovation Voucher (DIV) program will have the chance to win the $25,000 DIV Grand Prize by pitching their companies to you!

DIV is presented by Booz Allen Hamilton and is part of a larger regional effort, funded by the Department of Defense, known as Propel San Diego. The DIV program is a comprehensive business initiative, designed to build resiliency in small to medium sized San Diego-based defense companies. Fifteen diverse companies were chosen to participate in the 2018-19 program, each receiving an initial $15,000 grant. Five of the 15 defense companies in the program will compete for an additional $25,000 in funding to help them continue to grow their defense or commercial business.

The catch? These companies will be looking to YOU, the attendee, to vote on who deserves the the extra cash based on their public pitch and table displays. Each attendee of this event will act as a judge voting on the company most deserving of an additional $25,000.

In addition to a public pitch there will be opening remarks provided by Booz Allen Hamilton, EDC, the City of San Diego and other key program sponsors.