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SD, London partner to grow businesses

 “London and San Diego are two cities that share a strong culture of business and innovation. We see a great opportunity to work with San Diego to establish greater trade and investment links and to help high-flying companies maximise the opportunities on both sides of the pond."

Tony Margiotta
Project Manager, City-to-City, London & Partners


Doing business across the pond?

San Diego has joined London’s Business Welcome Programme. London’s City-to-City Business Welcome Programme was launched in early 2017 to help businesses transition and grow from one destination to another. As part of the official agreement between WTC San Diego and London & Partners companies looking to expand their global reach will have access to a suite of services

As part of the official agreement between World Trade Center San Diego (WTC San Diego) and London & Partners, companies will have access to a suite of services. London-based companies looking to open shop in San Diego and vice versa can access reduced co-working spaces, legal consulting and access to a venture capital network and angels, facilitated by WTC San Diego. 

London -> San Diego*

San Diego -> London*

  • 1 month of free office space
  • Discounted Oyster card
  • Discounted accommodations 

*subejct to service provider approval

Is your company ready to set up shop on the other side of the pond? Contact Jesse Gipe at