Brand Guidelines

EDC is proud to oversee many programs and initiatives that help contribute to our overall mission.

About US

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation

We’re San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation.

We know that’s a mouthful, so you can call us ‘EDC’ for short. Some other acceptable names to call us:

  • San Diego Regional EDC
  • EDC (we recommend not using this on the first reference to avoid confusion)

We’re proud of our regional focus, so please don’t call us San Diego EDC, SDEDC, or any variation that drops ‘regional’ for our name.

Other Managed Brands


Innovate78 is a collaboration of the cities of Carlsbad, Escondido, Oceanside, San Marcos, and Vista, which serves to support the business ecosystem of the 78 Corridor by further elevating North County San Diego’s reputation and assisting businesses as they evolve. The initiative is executed by San Diego Regional EDC, with financial and programmatic support from the five cities.

Note, when writing Innovate78, there is no space between “Innovate” and “78.” Innovate78 refers to the brand and initiative. The 78 Corridor refers to a physical location.

San Diego: Life. Changing.

San Diego: Life. Changing. (SDLC) is a brand designed to attract and retain talent in San Diego. We manage a separate website, social media platforms, and more to promote the SDLC brand.
For short, we call it:

  • SD: Life. Changing.
  • Or after the first reference, SDLC

The periods ‘.’ after “Life” and “Changing” are important to us – please don’t forget about them.


World Trade Center San Diego

World Trade Center San Diego is the international affiliate organization of San Diego Regional EDC. We manage the brand, and through World Trade Center San Diego, also run the MetroConnect program and lead the Export SBDC.
For short, we call it:

  • WTC San Diego

Please don’t call us “San Diego World Trade Center” or “SD WTC” or other creative variations.

You can learn more about some of our other programs and initiatives here.

For questions about brand guidelines, logo usage, or partnerships:

Bree Burris
Bree Burris

Director, Marketing & Communications