San Diego: Life. Changing.

San Diego: Life. Changing. is a campaign designed to attract and retain talent in San Diego by telling our region’s authentic story. We’re highlighting companies, people, and entrepreneurs that have upgraded their lives and made a global impact, straight from San Diego.

Though the campaign focuses on amplifying opportunities at tech and life sciences companies, it also highlights the numerous career offerings, lifestyle options, and life-changing companies that call this region home.

San Diego: Life. Changing.


Just Say No to Winter

Just Say No to Winter —  a social media and transit ad campaign that leveraged the San Diego: Life. Changing. brand to target experienced STEM talent in the throes of winter in Boston, Chicago, and New York — ran in Winter 2019 and 2020, and soon into 2022.

San Diego at Work

The San Diego at Work video series follows the journey of an employee at a key San Diego company, highlighting the reasons they chose San Diego and what it’s like to work and live here. Companies featured include Sony, Brain Corp., Viasat, Qualcomm, and more. Stay tuned for a video premiering from Teradata.


Every Tuesday, via Instagram Stories, a different San Diego-based company takes us behind the scenes to meet some of its employees and learn about the company’s work, perks, and culture. Companies that have hosted include global industry leaders, such as Pfizer, Illumina, and Booz Allen Hamilton, growing startups like LunaDNA, EpiSci, and Planck Aero, as well as lifestyle companies like Knockaround and Bitchin’ Sauce.

Additional campaign elements

  • – features a company map, neighborhood profiles, blog, and other resources to find a career in San Diego and learn about the region
  • Recruitment toolkit – includes images, b-roll, infographics, and other FREE resources to help sell your company to prospective talent/new hires
  • Summer Bash event – serves as our annual August fundraiser that celebrates the campaign, in partnership with Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
  • Brand Alliance – attended by 60+ active recruiters and marketing professionals that meet quarterly to advise on the campaign
  • The Latest newsletter– sent to individuals inside and outside our region with the latest San Diego happenings, company news, and campaign updates

Ways companies can get involved

  • Request an invite to join the Brand Alliance
  • Host #TakeoverTuesday
  • Request a “San Diego at Work” video

Thank you to our campaign sponsors

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