Our Programs & Initiatives

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC) mobilizes the business community around key initiatives to maximize the economic prosperity and global competitiveness of our bi-national mega-region. Below are representative examples of our diverse economic development programs.

EDC also takes a broad-based approach to tackling and advancing some of the region’s biggest challenges. Here are some ways we work with and through companies to grow our economy.

Current programs & Initiatives

Learn about the programs that undergird EDC’s economic development work.

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Regional Prosperity

The innovation economy drives job creation and opportunity across a diverse set of industries. Our team executes programs and initiatives which galvanize specific industries, subregions, and San Diego’s economy.

Suite of economic development services

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Talent Attraction & Retention

Talent Development, Attraction, and Retention

Talent is the cornerstone of economic growth. Our team spearheads a regional marketing strategy that highlights San Diego’s growing tech and life sciences opportunities, as well as creates programming to align workforce and education systems, that help all residents of San Diego access quality jobs.

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Advancing San Diego


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Economic Research

A strong economic development agenda is rooted in robust research. Our research bureau produces independent economic analyses about specific industry clusters and economic trends that serve to inform companies, investors, and policymakers.

Economic Research

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Economic inclusion

While the growth of our innovation economy has created opportunity, it has also perpetuated systemic inequities. Our team spearheads an employer-driven initiative that aims to help our region address these disparities and create opportunity for all residents.

Inclusive Growth


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Global Competitiveness

The current economic climate is characterized by growing flows of capital, technology, and talent between international metros. Through World Trade Center San Diego, our team works to cultivate a pipeline of export-ready firms, maximize foreign investment opportunities, and enhance the region’s global identity and connectivity.


Export Specialty Center

Trade Missions