San Diego’s Manufacturing Industry

The San Diego region is home to a vibrant manufacturing cluster that spans across many industries, including the defense, aerospace, shipbuilding and repair, medical devices, craft brewing, and sports and active lifestyle industries. With a highly-skilled workforce, robust training programs, and close proximity to Mexico, San Diego is a hub for advanced manufacturing companies, with more than 3,679 manufacturing establishments currently supporting more than 116,397 jobs.

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Key Companies

  • Open Source Maker Labs
  • Oceanreef
  • Surftech
  • Diakont
  • Eddy Pump Corporation
  • FoxFury
  • Flux Power
  • Hunter Industries
  • Arctic Zero
  • SeaSpine
  • Ballast Point Brewing
  • Coronado Brewing Co.
  • Allett
  • APEM
  • Callaway Golf
  • Planck Aerosystems
  • CP Global Manufacturing
  • Dr. Bronner’s
  • Medipacs
  • FluxPower
  • McCain Manufacturing
  • Sector 9

Key Resources

California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC) company is a nonprofit that provides manufacturing consulting services designed to help California’s manufacturers succeed now and in the future. The CMTC team specializes in many areas including lean consulting, food manufacturing, quality management system implementation, exporting, and more.

The Industrial Environmental Association (IEA) is a non-profit organization serving manufacturing companies in Southern California. IEA advocates on behalf of industry to influence legislation and facilitate environmental compliance for member companies through education and training.

Verified Programs of Manufacturing talent have been identified by employers as the top training programs in San Diego for high-demand jobs. Through EDC’s Advancing San Diego program, Verified Programs participate in a competitive application process and are evaluated annually against a skills-based criteria developed by industry, a commitment to industry engagement, and their ability to reach and serve a diverse student body.

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