Advancing San Diego

San Diego was one of five cities to receive a $3 million investment as part of JPMorgan Chase’s AdvancingCities Challenge, an initiative to drive inclusive growth and create greater economic opportunity across the U.S.

Advancing San Diego is a collaborative program by San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, the City of San Diego, San Diego Workforce Partnership, United Way of San Diego, and San Diego & Imperial Counties Community College Association (SDICCCA). Through this regional initiative, San Diego will cultivate a more inclusive economy, as we will look inward to address regional talent shortages and strengthen the relationship between business and education systems.

Advancing San Diego

The Advancing San Diego initiative will contribute toward the regional goal of 20,000 skilled workers (degree or credential holders) in San Diego County by 2030.

This collaborative program rapidly validates the region’s talent needs in high-growth industries by identifying education curricula that are helping meet demands, while also subsidizing internships within small businesses for students. Advancing San Diego addresses regional talent shortages using an employer-led approach and a common platform for collecting data and communicating talent demand.

How to get involved


Advancing San Diego relies on employers to provide input on talent demands through facilitated industry working groups, which are used to identify programs that align with their needs. See below for results from our first working group – Software Talent Demand and sign up to join a future working group on Engineering Talent (hardware, industrial, mechanical, electrical) or Marketing & Sales Talent (within innovation industries).

Talent Providers

Advancing San Diego recognizes education and workforce training partners as qualified talent sources and key conduits of the community. Talent providers can apply for designation as a ‘preferred provider.’ Through the Advancing San Diego initiative, students from preferred provider programs will join a network of employers that receive priority access to industry engagement opportunities and subsidized internships.

We are currently accepting applications for preferred providers of Software Talent. Learn more in the Software Talent Demand Report.

Apply here

Small Business

Advancing San Diego is designed to expand access to talent for small businesses. We understand that many small businesses – defined as having fewer than 100 employees – often do not have the time or resources to heavily invest in talent attraction strategies. To better engage small businesses, nearly half of the funding for Advancing San Diego will be used to provide small businesses with subsidized internships and services that support students success in the workplace. If you’re a small business looking to better connect with regional talent, sign up here and get updates on future programming.


Kate Gallagher
Kate Gallagher

Manager, Economic Development