San Diego’s cybersecurity Industry

San Diego has emerged as a leader for the development of cybersecurity technology and the delivery of cyber-related services. The region’s healthy ecosystem, including its strong military presence, world-class academic institutions, incubators and strong partnerships between industry associations and governments, has positioned San Diego as a hub for cyber operations. Today, there are nearly 900 firms in the San Diego region focused exclusively on cyber, with nearly 25,000 total impacted jobs. With incidences of cyber attacks on the rise worldwide, the industry’s innovative companies are equipped to meet the global market’s increasing demands for new products and technologies.

EDC study: AI and San Diego’s Cyber Cluster

Key Companies

  • AttackIQ
  • GoSecure
  • Redhorse Corporation
  • Proficio
  • Sentek Global

Key Resources

Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE) is a non-profit that focuses on regional planning and program implementation to address cybersecurity workforce, economic development, and infrastructure challenges through collaboration with industry, academia, and government agencies.

San Diego Military Advisory Counsel is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization with a mission to support and promote the mutual business and other interests of the military, their quality of life, and the defense community in the San Diego area.

Preferred Providers of Software talent have been identified by employers as the top training programs in San Diego for high-demand jobs. Through EDC’s Advancing San Diego program, Preferred Providers participate in a competitive application process and are evaluated annually against a skills-based criteria developed by industry, a commitment to industry engagement, and their ability to reach and serve a diverse student body.

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