COVID-19 Resources

Updated November 2022 

This COVID-19 relief and resources page provides guidance and support for San Diego businesses and business owners. Please review the San Diego County website for further guidelines, including public health updates.

Have questions or need support? Contact EDC for help applying or finding relief, free of charge.


  • LOCAL LOAN | City of Carlsbad Small Business Loan
    The City of Carlsbad offers Carlsbad small businesses loans of between $5,000-$10,000 (for businesses with $2 million or less in gross revenue or 15 or fewer employees) and between $10,000-$25,000 (for businesses with $3 million or less in gross revenue and 50 or fewer employees). Apply now.
  • STATE RESOURCEEmployABILITY  Business Grant
    The EmployABILITY Business Grant offers small- and medium-sized businesses in California the opportunity to grow their businesses and upgrade their hiring with grants from $20,000-$200,000. Get more information on the EmpoyABILITY website here.
  • STATE RESOURCE |  California Business Comeback Guide
    Businesses can refer to the California Business Comeback Guide for an index of all current and forecasted state incentive programs to assist in both recovery and business success. View the Incentives Grants and Financing page on GO-Biz’ website here.
  • STATE RESOURCE | Disaster Relief Loan Guarantee Program (DRLGP)
    CA Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBANK) is issuing guarantees up to 95 percent on loans up to $1 million for small businesses, including agriculture-related enterprises and non-profits. Apply now through its partner Financial Development Corporations (FDCs). The local FDC is CDC Small Business Finance.
  • STATE RESOURCE | Work Sharing Program
    Employers may apply for the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Work Sharing program as a temporary alternative to layoffs.
  • STATE LOAN | California Capital Assistance Program for Small Businesses (CalCAP SB)
    CalCAP SB provides loans of up to $5 million to businesses that create jobs and improve the economy. CalCAP lenders within San Diego County include CDC Small Business Finance in Point Loma and First Choice Bank in Chula Vista. Apply now.
  • FEDERAL RESOURCE | Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM)
    EXIM is providing a variety of services to multi-national businesses experiencing economic hardship as a result of COVID-19.
  • PRIVATE LOAN | Accessity
    Accessity San Diego offers small business loans to companies that were not able or eligible to secure PPP or EIDL. Apply now
  • PRIVATE LOAN | Women’s Empowerment Loan Fund (WELF)
    Catalyst San Diego and the International Rescue Committee are providing low cost loans of $5,000 – $25,000 to BIPOC woman-owned businesses in San Diego County. Apply now.
  • PRIVATE RESOURCE | Business Consulting
    The Chairman’s Roundtable is offering pro-bono business consulting to small businesses and non-profits.

Apply to local or private programs

Contact EDC—we’ll help you find or apply to programs like the local grants, free of charge.


Apply to state or federal programs

Contact SBDC—we’ll help you find or apply to programs like SVOG or EIDL, free of charge.

Regulatory Relief and Announcements

Local Announcements

Get up-to-date information on reopening, case status, and resources at the San Diego County website.

State Announcements

Get information on tax assistance, reopening, case status, and business resources at the State of California website.

Federal Announcements

Get up-to-date information on tax credits, COVID-19 relief, and resources at

San Diego: Still Hiring

Through San Diego: Life. Changing., we’ve partnered with Startup SD and Connect to develop a list of local companies that are hiring. If your SD tech or life sciences company is hiring, you can add yourself to this list here

San Diego’s Reopening Reference Guides

These documents are meant as guides for navigating the world of COVID-19 regulations and recommendations for re-opening businesses put forth by public authorities and business experts. These guides attempt to consolidate and streamline the business owner’s research process and is not meant as an exhaustive list of resources. We do not offer recommendations on the sufficiency, adequacy, or effectiveness on the measures therein. You can derive no rights or make decisions based on this material.

This guide focuses on health protocols and business advice for small and medium-sized business owners. COVID-19 poses many other critical challenges for society, like unemployment, child care, and mental health, that also deserve diligent attention and intervention.

Reopening Reference Guide: General

Download Here

Reopening Reference Guide: Restaurants

Download Here

Reopening Reference Guide: Retail

Download Here

Reopening Reference Guide: General

Download the general guide here.

Reopening Reference Guide: Restaurants

Download restaurant guide here.

    Reopening Reference Guide: Retail

    Download the retail guide here.