Ranking and Accolades

Inc. called San Diego the 2nd most inventive city in the world and one of the hottest cities for startups. Forbes thinks San Diego is one of the most fun cities in the US.

Check out some of the lifestyle and innovation rankings that our region, cities, universities, and other establishments have received. Scroll down to learn more.

  • The region’s scientific research and development cluster generates $14.4 billion in gross regional product (Research Institution Economic Impact Report, 2015)
  • San Diego’s nonprofit research institutions have a $4.6 billion impact on the regional economy – four times the annual impact of the San Diego Convention Center, 34 times the impact of Comic-Con, and 33 times the impact of the U.S. Open Golf Championship (Research Institution Economic Impact Report, 2015)
  • Independent research institutes in San Diego receive more NIH research funding and generate more patents than counterparts in any metro area of the U.S. (Research Institution Economic Impact Report, 2015)
  • San Diego has more than 41.8 million square feet of lab and R&D space – more than 3 times the total shopping mall space in the region (Research Institution Economic Impact Report, 2015)
  • UC San Diego ranked 9th among top biomedical research institutions in the world. (Nature Index, 2019)