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With and through investment from nearly 200 companies, public agencies, and private organizations, EDC provides direct services at no-cost to help companies grow jobs here and leads initiatives to enhance the region’s competitiveness.

We refer to EDC members as “investors,” reflecting their investment in our mission-driven work. EDC investor benefits include information, opportunities, access, support, and more. As a business association, EDC is a 501c6 nonprofit; we also have status as 501c3 charitable nonprofit through our foundation.

We are thrilled with our investment in EDC, and by the thoughtfulness and common spirit EDC shares with the life sciences and tech communities. The teamwork is special. You definitely should be in the conversation with EDC. We are on the cusp of doing something really great.

Dan Ryan, Executive Vice President, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.

Investor Levels and Benefits

With investment from nearly 200 companies, public agencies and private organizations, EDC is able to provide direct services to help companies grow in San Diego and lead initiatives to enhance the region’s competitiveness. In turn, we provide EDC investors with information, opportunities, access, and support.

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Our Investors

Hailing from nearly every industry, EDC investors (members) are major corporations, nonprofits, public partners, and small businesses that believe in supporting our mission: To maximize the region’s economic competitiveness.

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Committees & Working Groups

With and through our investors, EDC is creating a stronger San Diego. Investors are invited to engage through committees and working groups that reflect and advise our programs and initiatives.

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501(C)3 Foundation

The San Diego Regional Economic Development Foundation (Foundation) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to support and cultivate sustainable employment opportunities for San Diego County residents contributing to a prosperous local economy.

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