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Altitude University partners to expand drone education business

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In 2018, EDC was connected to Altitude University, a startup founded by San Diego native Brandon Trentalange, that developed an online education portal to help entrepreneurs looking to use drones. EDC was able to connect Altitude with a partner to help them expand its customer base.

Over the last four years, EDC has been working with a number of companies in San Diego to further advance the adoption of drone technology. In 2018, EDC helped lead the successful application to the Federal Aviation Administration’s Unmanned Systems Integrated Pilot Program (IPP). Through these efforts, EDC has developed a large network of drone companies.


Altitude University


While there are big opportunities for drone companies in a variety of commercial applications, the industry remains highly constrained by regulations that are still being developed by the FAA. Startups in this space, like Altitude University, must get creative to find revenue, often having to create new innovative partnerships.

EDC Solution

EDC staff was able to leverage their extensive knowledge of the local drone ecosystem to seek out possible partnerships that could help Altitude University acquire new customers. EDC identified local drone solutions provider Action Drone, a Chula Vista-based company, as a possible partner. Action Drone’s team provides a variety of high-end drone solutions around the world and is often responsible for training their clients on how to operate drones. Through partnering, the two companies could provide a more comprehensive training package for each other’s customers.


Through this partnership, Altitude University has increased their revenue by more than $7,500 in the first weeks of the partnership and are working directly with Action Drone to design new online education courses that can be sold as part of package with other services. Future collaboration will include a more refined course that can be catered to special types of training/companies/departments of government over the coming months.

“As a local San Diego startup, it’s critical to our success to identify partners who can help us connect with our customers. As we continue to develop curriculum that increases the accessibility of drone technology to companies all over the country having access to partners like Action Drone and allies like EDC allows me and my team to expand more rapidly.””

– Brandon Trentalage CEO, Altitude University

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