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EDC and Cascade Energy partner to help local businesses decarbonize, reduce utility costs

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March 2024

Cascade Energy’s mission is to help the industrial sector run more efficiently by reducing energy waste and unnecessary utility spends, and by decarbonizing through no cost and low cost behavioral and operational changes. Cascade runs a Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program funded by the SDG&E® Public Purpose Fund. The SEM program provides a holistic approach to energy management by helping companies and organizations structure their energy teams, establish decarbonization goals, secure executive buy-in, and build an understanding of energy consumption.



Cascade Energy aimed to enhance enrollment in its SEM program to optimize SDG&E funding. While it had previously collaborated with a handful of San Diego businesses including General Dynamics NASSCO and Escondido’s Bimbo Bakeries, Cascade sought avenues to cast a wider net across the San Diego region, boosting SEM recruitment.


By way of referral, Cascade Energy contacted EDC for support in growing its enrollment. EDC’s Economic Development team invited 40 local companies to participate in a webinar hosted together with Cascade Energy with the goal to recruit additional participants in its upcoming SEM cohort. Following the information session, an impressive 60 percent of webinar attendees joined the SEM program.

EDC also connected Cascade Energy with statewide partners California Manufacturing Technology Consultants, Cleantech San Diego, and the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development to drive awareness and recruitment for the program.


In partnering with EDC, Cascade Energy has been able to access a wider swath of regional companies and increase participation numbers for its SEM program. Companies that participate in the SEM program are dedicating their time and resources to completing energy savings projects, collaborating with industry peers in workshops, and tracking their own energy savings success.

EDC continues to promote the SEM program through its incentive counseling services.

Interested in learning more about the SEM program? EDC and Cascade Energy will be hosting an informational webinar on May 8, 2024. For details, contact Lindsey Silvia.

“Thanks to EDC’s partnership, we’ve forged connections with a diverse array of San Diego-based companies and collaborators committed to the urgent mission of decarbonization. Together, we’re driving innovation and implementing solutions to reduce carbon emissions and utility spend, while also building a network of committed energy managers in San Diego and beyond.”

– Molly Pero, Strategic Energy Management Coach, Cascade Energy

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Lindsey Silvia
Lindsey Silvia

Sr. Manager, Economic Development