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EDDY Pump turns $10K grant into $5 million in exports

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EDDY Pump is a homegrown engineering and manufacturing firm operating across several industries, including oil, mining, and energy. In order to succeed in a field where many of the opportunities exist overseas, it is critical for EDDY Pump to effectively target and sell to customers from around the world.




EDDY Pump was targeting several Spanish-speaking countries, which were undergoing large-scale oil and mining operations. In order to gain credibility with large conglomerates that were operating in those countries, EDDY Pump needed to improve its marketing strategy by increasing its visibility and translating its marketing materials.

EDC Solution

Through the MetroConnect program, EDDY Pump had access to language translation software developed by program sponsor SYSTRAN. EDDY Pump leveraged this technology and supplemental marketing support (paid for with program funds) to tailor its message in the Dominican Republic, Suriname, Argentina, Chile, and more. The company directed its remaining grant funds toward a pay-per-click campaign, which eventually resulted in meetings with industry giants such as Suncor and Barrick Gold Corporation.

The WTC team also hosted numerous export education workshops and brokered introductions to experts in data privacy and foreign military sales.


EDDY Pump secured a $2 million contract with Barrick Gold Corporation (the world’s second largest gold mining company) in the Dominican Republic and a $150k deal with Newmont Gold in Suriname. As a result of this success, EDDY Pump revamped its international sales strategy and began aggressively targeting the UK ($2.5M contract with Forkers Ltd), Papua New Guinea ($500K contract with Barrick Gold Corp), the Chilean Navy (undisclosed), Canada (potential contract with Suncor worth $5–10M), and more. Because of the success of its international strategy, EDDY Pump was able to add 10 new team members to its San Diego office.

“Not only has WTC San Diego and the MetroConnect program opened our eyes as to what is needed to succeed internationally, it has also led to more than $5 million worth of contracts with some of the largest mining and energy companies in the world – and that has made our company stronger here at home and created an additional 10 jobs at our headquarters in San Diego.”

– Ben Weinrib, Executive VP, EDDY PUMP


About EDDY Pump

Eddy Pump is an engineering and manufacturing company producing state-of-the-art material handling equipment for a multitude of industries including military, oil, mining, energy, and many others all over the world.



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