Regional Economy

With breakthrough technology companies and research organizations, the largest military concentration in the world and a strong tourism industry, the San Diego region has one of the most diverse, dynamic economies in the country.

San Diego’s Economy

From life sciences to military and defense, scroll over the interactve graphic below to learn more about the makeup of San Diego’s economy. Not finding what you’re looking for? Check out more research on our regional economy.


About our dashboard

Together with a host of regional partners, EDC has defined a methodology to breakdown San Diego’s economy into its most prominent sectors and industry clusters. Grouping companies based on their business type allows us to explore macroeconomic trends for our regional economy. Some sectors, such as “Innovation”, contain industry clusters such as “Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals”, and “Aerospace & Navigation Technologies”, further detailing and highlighting San Diego’s major economic drivers .This data is updated annually and is obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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