Biocom portal helps companies pivot operations to address COVID-19 crisis

As the global health pandemic progresses, leaders at every level have called on companies to step and help produce desperately-needed PPEs, ventilators, and sanitizing products.

A call to pivot

Last week San Diego, Mayor Faulconer made a public call for San Diego companies to pivot operations.

“We have the capability right here in San Diego to make a meaningful difference. All businesses that have the capacity and capability to shift their operations toward making essentials like ventilators, face masks, and hand-sanitizer are being urged to do so.”

Mayor Kevin Faulconer, City of San Diego

EDC President & CEO Mark Cafferty mentioned a few of the companies that have pivoted operations or doubling down in last week’s San Diego Business Journal. From Oracuse, a bike bag manufacturer that’s making masks, to Cutwater Spirits making hand sanitizer, and Resmed tripling the production of ventilators, San Diego companies from every industry and every corner of the region are helping out.

Biocom creates a portal

In response to the Mayor’s call, Biocom partnered with EDC and CMTC to create a COVID-19 partnering site that allows companies to connect and partner on all aspects of the COVID-19 response. The partnering site connects companies with capacity to those with needs. It is divided into four categories: supplies (PPE, ventilators), testing (blood tests, swab tests, rapid high throughput testing), treatments (antivirals, repurposed existing treatments, comorbidity treatments), and vaccines (trials, breakthroughs).

Biocom launches partnering portal


The partnering portal is part of Biocom’s Coronavirus Resource Center, which also includes information on donations of PPE, San Diego life sciences companies making headlines in COVID-19 discoveries, and more.


“From Cubic to LunaDNA to distilleries like Cutwater Spirits, companies are stepping up and doubling down to ensure that our healthcare workers are protected and that we’re one step closer to finding a cure.”

Mark Cafferty, San Diego Regional EDC

If you are looking to pivot operations and need crucial aspects of the supply chain, please check out Biocom’s partnering portal. and spread the word to companies that may be able to help.

Need help navigating your businesses’ COVID-19 response? Please check out EDC’s coronavirus resource page below.

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