Meet the MetroConnect VII companies!

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Together with Mayor Todd Gloria and underwriters Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte and JPMorgan Chase & Co., World Trade Center San Diego (WTCSD) unveiled the seventh cohort of companies selected to participate in MetroConnect, the region’s comprehensive export assistance program helping local companies accelerate their international growth.

Since the program’s debut in 2015, 95 MetroConnect alumni have collectively added 302 new jobs to the region, signed more than 522 new contracts, and set up 22 new overseas facilities. On average, cohort companies grow their exports by an average 63 percent and revenues by 40 percent as part of the program. Alumni include Novo Brazil Brewing Co., Access Trax, White Labs, Dr. Bronner’s, Bitchin’ Sauce,, Aira (acquired by Blue Diego Investment Group), Cypher Genomics (acquired by Human Longevity Inc.), and many more.

Now, WTCSD is pleased to welcome the newest set of MetroConnect companies representing the diversity of San Diego’s innovation economy.

Meet the MetroConnect VII companies

  1. Aquacycl
  2. Epitope Diagnostics
  3. Fieldsheer
  4. GALT Aerospace
  5. Harland Brewing Company
  6. Health Innovation Products
  7. Lotus Sustainables
  8. Promo Drone
  9. Selk’bag
  10. Sunday Golf
  11. Surf Loch
  12. VECKTA
  13. VeV Scientific
  14. Visaic
  15. Wearable Sensing

Learn about the companies

The MetroConnect program is highly competitive, with just 15 companies selected based on a variety of criteria, including interest in new foreign markets, assessed impact of funds, current international traction and more. Applicants were assessed by a panel of senior level representatives from Biocom, Connect, CMTC, WTCSD and the U.S. Commercial Service.

“Since its launch, the City of San Diego has been a proud supporter of MetroConnect and the nearly 100 businesses it has helped grow internationally,” said San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria. “As Mayor, I’m committed to supporting the small businesses that power San Diego’s economy, and international connectivity is an important tool in building economic resilience.”

Why go global?

Amid economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever to help local SMEs build resilience by facilitating increased sales in global markets.

In 2022 alone, San Diego exported more than $32 billion in goods overseas, as well as billions more in services like software, cybersecurity, engineering and research. SMEs produce 92 percent of those goods—driving home the importance of programs like MetroConnect.

“Booz Allen is proud to support international business connectivity in San Diego through MetroConnect,” said Jennie Brooks, EVP at MetroConnect underwriter Booz Allen Hamilton, and EDC board chair. “The metrics don’t lie—it’s clear global companies are more competitive, efficient and successful. We’re committed to continuing this important work in San Diego’s business community.”

Next up for MetroConnect VII

The cohort will gain access to a suite of resources to support expansion into international markets, including executive workshops, flight discounts, language translation, and up to $30,000 in grant funding.

“2024 is filled with great opportunity for those who are prepared to navigate an uncertain and dynamic environment,” said Nikia Clarke, executive director of WTCSD. “Now with new tracks focused on technology, health and consumer goods, the MetroConnect program will ensure San Diego’s rapidly growing firms are equipped to access global markets, share our region’s life-changing innovation with the world, and create high quality jobs here at home.”

Interested in growing your business internationally?

World Trade Center San Diego works directly with companies – free of charge – to help them expand internationally and grow in San Diego. Whether your small company is interested in learning about exporting and international growth, or your SME is ready to export and grow internationally, WTCSD is here to help.

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A note on the new year

Dear EDC partners and investors,

Reflecting on our past year at San Diego Regional EDC, I turn to the conversations and moments I’ve been privileged to share with many of you across the San Diego community.

Each month, on a Wednesday morning overlooking the greens at Torrey Pines (or via Zoom screen), more than 60 board members from across San Diego’s industries—life sciences to defense, breweries to sports—have created space to connect, collaborate, partner, and assess our progress toward the region’s Inclusive Growth goals: 20K post-secondary completions annually, 75K newly thriving households, and 50K new quality jobs in small businesses by 2030. We know this is a marathon, not a sprint, and we’re in it for the long haul.

Our Board represents businesses born and grown here, new market entrants, large businesses with global reach, small, family-owned firms, nonprofits, academia, and anchor institutions in between. All of us have one thing in common: a commitment to the future of San Diego.

If we have learned anything about economic development over the years, it’s that we can neither stay the status quo nor stick to our swim lanes. We must work together, in our different ways, to ensure a resilient and competitive San Diego for employers and residents alike. In 2024, here’s how you can lean into this work with us:

  • While every company grapples with its post-pandemic approach to employee retention and return to office, participate in EDC’s study to understand your workforce’s needs
  • Support talent pipeline development and host summer interns in computing, engineering, or business—paid for through grant funding and sourced from San Diego’s Verified Programs
  • Support small businesses through procurement by joining the Anchor Institution Collaborative
  • Endorse the Inclusive Growth goals and adopt strategies to create more quality jobs, skilled talent, and thriving households in San Diego
  • Stay tuned for World Trade Center San Diego’s trade mission to draw regional investment and elevate San Diego’s global identity
  • Join 150 local companies and institutions in investing in EDC’s programs, research, and goals

The steps we take on this journey will be underpinned by EDC’s Research Bureau, market strategy, talent initiatives—and reliant on your investment—to help grow San Diego’s economy.

Join us in this work in 2024.

In gratitude,

Ms. Jennie Brooks
Ms. Jennie Brooks

EDC Board Chair

Executive Vice President


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A note from Mark…

October update: Implementing actionable insights

EDC Investors and Partners,

I hope you are enjoying the early days of fall in San Diego.

Those of you who have worked closely with our team at EDC over the last decade know that our core values have long been integrity, accountability, collaboration, and inclusion. We strive to ensure that these principles guide all that we do and are woven into the work of every team—and one of our most important teams at EDC is Research.

Our research is something I have always been quite proud of. You will frequently hear our team and board members say that everything we do at EDC starts with research. I have even heard more than one of our current board officers cite research as our organizational “superpower.”

When we reestablished the EDC Research Bureau, it was mainly to ensure that the internal decisions we were making, the goals we were setting, and the information we were providing on the San Diego economy was accurate and up-to-date. Over the years, we realized that our data and information was at its most powerful when it was being shared with audiences and decision makers outside of the organization.

More and more partners and investors began asking us to use our research to help understand the economic impact of a business or project, a certain sector of the economy, a new market or customer base, and more. Our team has partnered and worked with the Brookings Institution, AECOM, UCSD, SDSU, SANDAG, CBRE, CA EDD, County Office of Education, BW Research, and other partners to ensure that our data remains relevant, free from bias, and helpful in creating more quality jobs, skilled talent, and thriving households across our region.

As the organization has grown and the work has evolved, so has the research. Over the last year, EDC’s Research Bureau has:

And as the challenges, opportunities, and work pertaining to talent, equity and diversity, cost of living, and technology continue to evolve, we will again make sure that our team is moving and changing as well. In the year ahead, our Research Bureau will focus on better understanding and supporting the changing needs of small business as well as the ‘future of work’ and its impact on commercial real estate.

If interested in sponsoring and investing in our research into 2024, we welcome those conversations and opportunities. Please reach out to Eduardo Velasquez—our Sr. Director of Research and Economic Development—if you would like to learn more. After all these years, I can still assure you that everything we do at EDC starts with research, just as I can assure you that an investment in our EDC research team is an investment in accountability, integrity, collaboration, and inclusion.

Thanks as always for your leadership, partnership, and support.

Mark Cafferty
Mark Cafferty

President & CEO

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MetroConnect Spotlight: Solecta

World Trade Center San Diego (WTCSD) works directly with companies free of charge to help them expand internationally and grow in San Diego, supported by San Diego Regional EDC’s nearly 200 private company and public agency investors. Since 2015, WTCSD’s MetroConnect export accelerator has assisted 95 San Diego companies in turning $890,000 in export grants into $97 million in new international sales, 543 new international contracts, and 32 new offices around the world.

We sat down with Melinda Burn, vice president of strategic marketing for MetroConnect VI finalist Solecta, to discuss the company’s membrane separation technologies and recent international growth through its time in MetroConnect.

Tell us about Solecta and its mission.

Solecta Inc., based in Oceanside, California, is a leader in membrane separation technologies with a unique go-to-market strategy focused on rapid customer-centric innovation, deep domain process expertise, and value delivery. With our proprietary membrane and element design and manufacturing capabilities, we develop and deploy novel and critical separation products and technologies that help our clients optimize yield, improve purification, and reduce water and energy usage.

Why did you apply to be in MetroConnect?

Solecta applied to be in MetroConnect to leverage the program’s resources and expertise in international trade to enable global expansion, tap into new markets, and increase revenue opportunities. Through the program, we hoped to establish valuable networking connections and gain insights into navigating the complexities of international export compliance and regulations.

How did MetroConnect help your company?

MetroConnect helped Solecta by providing grants that assisted with increasing and improving digital marketing activities and advancing our global commercial go-to-market strategy. In addition, through MetroConnect and its partners, we were able to apply for and be awarded a grant from the California State Trade Expansion Program (STEP). Since joining the MetroConnect program, Solecta has grown its international presence, resulting in increased revenue and brand recognition. We have expanded our workforce in Europe, allowing us to better serve our clients in the region.

What is on the horizon for Solecta’s international growth?

Through MetroConnect’s extensive network and resources, such as the STEP grant, we have been able to reach prospective clients in new regions and navigate the complexities of the global regulatory landscapes to enter new geographic markets. Our ultimate goal is to create more connections and grow our strategic partnerships in various regions through the MetroConnect network to enable the expansion of our international business and grow our manufacturing and R&D footprint in the greater San Diego area. The comprehensive resources provided by the MetroConnect program will help us deliver even more value to our clients as a top industry leader.

What advice would you give to companies interested in growing internationally and participating in MetroConnect?

To successfully expand globally, a company must conduct thorough market research to comprehend the target markets, cultural nuances and competitive landscape. Developing a solid market entry strategy that considers local regulations, distribution channels and customer preferences is essential. Moreover, utilizing established networks like MetroConnect can provide valuable resources, connections, and insights to ensure successful expansion efforts.

Your turn: Grow your international sales with MetroConnect, too!

Like Solecta, apply to join MetroConnect VII, and receive an export grant, expert advising, workshops, regional mentors, and more.


The application takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

PlusLearn how five cohorts of 80 MetroConnect alumni, including Dr. Bronner’s, Blue Sky Network, EDDY Pump, and White Labs, leveraged the program to drive 63 percent average export growth and 40 percent average revenue growth.

MetroConnect Spotlight: Novo Brazil Brewing

World Trade Center San Diego (WTCSD) works directly with companies free of charge to help them expand internationally and grow in San Diego, supported by San Diego Regional EDC’s nearly 200 private company and public agency investors. Since 2015, WTCSD’s MetroConnect export accelerator has assisted 95 San Diego companies in turning $890,000 in export grants into $97 million in new international sales, 543 new international contracts, and 32 new offices around the world.

We sat down with Tiago Carneiro, owner and founder of MetroConnect VI finalist Novo Brazil Brewing, to discuss the company’s Brazilian-inspired beverages and its recent international growth through its time in MetroConnect.

Tell us about Novo Brazil Brewing and its mission.

Novo Brazil Brewing is an international, award-winning beverage company based in Chula Vista, California. Our company thrives on producing high quality beer, seltzers, spritz and kombuchas with exotic flavors, which are all represented in our brand’s colorful packages. Our main production facility is located in Eastlake, Chula Vista, and includes a taproom to serve the community. In addition to the wholesale part of our business, Novo Brazil Brewing has opened four taprooms and restaurants in San Diego County.

Why did you apply to be in MetroConnect?

We applied to be in the MetroConnect program for a few reasons:

  • To develop our export program: Logistics, international regulations, compliance, networking, etc.
  • To grow our business network in San Diego
  • To grow our brand exposure domestically and internationally

How did MetroConnect help your company?

The main benefit we experienced joining MetroConnect was definitely access to San Diego’s expansive business network through EDC’s staff. A few outcomes of this partnership included sponsorships and events, deeper connections with City of Chula Vista and SDG&E, and introductions to freight forwarder companies, San Diego Airport’s Terminal 1 concessions groups, and the San Diego Convention Center.

Additionally, the program’s executive workshops always provided our team with essential information for doing business internationally, and put us in direct contact with experienced mentors.

Finally, for quite a while, we were not sure how to best utilize the program’s $5,000 export grant—and we ended up using it to lower the high shipping costs for our distributors in Europe.

What is on the horizon for Novo Brazil Brewing’s international growth?

MetroConnect made us realize that exporting is a great source of business and income for our company. We already have an established sales in Europe and Japan, and the goal now is to increase volume. We are positive that our beverages now being shelf stable will open more doors for export expansion, and we want to take advantage of this.

What advice would you give to companies interested in growing internationally and participating in MetroConnect?

It is essential to fully understand your products, your processes, and your business goals before growing internationally. Having a strong presence and an established brand in your local market are key for targeting international markets.

Your turn: Grow your international sales with MetroConnect, too!

Like Novo Brazil Brewing, apply to join MetroConnect VII, and receive an export grant, expert advising, workshops, regional mentors, and more.


The application takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

PlusLearn how five cohorts of 80 MetroConnect alumni, including Dr. Bronner’s, Blue Sky Network, EDDY Pump, and White Labs, leveraged the program to drive 63 percent average export growth and 40 percent average revenue growth.

Halftime in San Diego

A June note from Mark

When I began working at EDC, I saw a Super Bowl ad that caught my eye—both a car commercial and a moving pep talk in a post-recession era.

As the narrator spoke about “halftime in America” and the opportunity to make a comeback, images of businesses, communities, and people from across the country flashed across the screen. At the end, the narrator’s face came into view as he walked through a locker room tunnel of a packed stadium. You may remember that narrator was actor and director Clint Eastwood, and that his message carried optimism, hope, and resiliency at a critical turning point.

Later that year, to bring that halftime hope home, EDC made our own version with philanthropist and business icon Malin Burnham as our narrator (our Clint Eastwood). You can watch that clip from 2012 here.

And indeed, when we pause at the midpoint to recognize the progress made and refocus on the work still ahead, we are always better for it. This year should be no exception, as EDC recognizes:

  • Our region’s progress toward an inclusive and thriving San Diego at EDC’s Annual Dinner, where we honored Taylor Guitars and WD-40’s Garry Ridge in partnership with Point Loma Nazarene University and JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • The local and global growth of San Diego small businesses through programs like MetroConnect, and World Trade Center San Diego’s nationally-recognized role in fueling this expansion.
  • AI-Machine Learning technology’s proliferation and job creation in San Diego’s key economic clusters, explored in our AI in San Diego report series with Booz Allen Hamilton.
  • Advancing San Diego’s work to strengthen San Diego’s defense talent pipeline, convening SDMAC and other partners to assess and support emerging shipbuilding needs.

Still, we have work to do—to analyze San Diego’s RNA and Cybersecurity clusters, to lead this fall’s trade mission to Korea with Mayor Gloria, to celebrate your innovation at our annual Summer Bash, and to continue driving inclusive growth.

It’s halftime, San Diego. And it’s with and through your continued leadership, collaboration, and contributions during the months ahead that we will continue to strengthen the region we’re proud to call home.

Mark Cafferty
Mark Cafferty

President & CEO

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WTCSD honored with Presidential Export Award

EDC’s own World Trade Center San Diego (WTCSD) was honored today with the President’s “E” Award for Export Service.

Presented by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo at a ceremony in Washington D.C., the “E” Award recognizes WTCSD’s commitment to growth of exports and jobs, especially through MetroConnect and Export SBDC. This is the highest recognition a U.S. entity can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports.

“We are so proud to be named among the President’s “E” Award recipients. Whether through our flagship accelerator MetroConnect or the direct counseling we provide to exporters as an SBDC, our team is committed and passionate about supporting the growth of local businesses and showcasing all that San Diego has to offer to the rest of the world. As we often say, our work here is just getting started!” —Lucas Coleman, WTCSD Director

About MetroConnect

Using a cohort-based model, WTCSD’s MetroConnect accelerator equips sets of 15 San Diego companies with the resources and partners to increase international sales. For specialized assistance, the next cohort of MetroConnect VII companies will each be placed into one of three specialized tracks reflecting San Diego’s economic strengths—life sciences, strategic technology, and consumer goods.

In its first six years, MetroConnect has helped 95 local, small and mid-sized businesses generate a net increase of $97 million in international sales, 522 international contracts, and 32 overseas facilities. This international growth has coincided with 319 new hires here in the San Diego region.

Apply now through July 14

More from WTCSD

Access Trax wins $25K MetroConnect VI export grand prize

World Trade Center San Diego and 200+ voting audience award $25K for international expansion

World Trade Center San Diego (WTCSD) named Access Trax, which provides ADA compliant portable access mats for outdoor accessibility, as the winner of the MetroConnect export accelerator program, now in its sixth year. Made possible through a grant from JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Procopio, Access Trax will use the $25,000 award to expand its presence in markets such as Canada and Australia.

With more than 75 million people around the world using a wheelchair on a daily basis, Access Trax’ portable, foldable mats create pathways to access outdoor terrain like sand, grass, gravel, and snow that is otherwise impossible to navigate.

“Access Trax is the perfect reflection of San Diego’s life-changing innovation, leveraging our region’s excellence in manufacturing and lifestyle to help drive accessibility around the globe,” said Lucas Coleman, WTCSD Director. “The company’s results from MetroConnect’s sixth cohort are impressive. Whether it’s fine-tuning the go-to-market strategy in target markets such as Canada or alleviating critical language translation challenges, working to connect small and medium-sized businesses to international markets builds greater resilience here at home.”

The female-founded small business Access Trax beat out three other finalists in MetroConnect VI, Novo Brazil Brewing, Nano PharmaSolutions, and Solecta. The grand prize-winning company was decided via real-time audience vote during the Grand Prize PitchFest event May 11 at UC San Diego Park & Market. Prior to this, a committee of senior international business leaders in San Diego helped the WTCSD team nominate these top performers, out of the initial 15-company cohort.

“The MetroConnect program was instrumental in helping us lay the foundation for our strategic international growth. Access Trax is thrilled to earn the top vote of the audience and judges and we look forward to using the $25K towards local job creation and continued export growth for an even bigger impact,” said Kelly Twichel, CEO of Access Trax, the MetroConnect VI Grand Prize winner.


In its first six years, MetroConnect has helped 95 local, small and mid-sized businesses generate a net increase of $97 million in international sales, 522 international contracts, and 32 overseas facilities. This international growth has coincided with 319 new hires here in the San Diego region.

Each cohort year, WTCSD selects 15 export-ready small businesses to receive $5,000 export grants, access to executive workshops, translation software, and a chance to win a $25,000 grand prize to aid in further international market expansion. Applications for year seven of the MetroConnect program are now open through July 14, 2023. Interested small- and medium-sized companies that are looking to pursue international sales as a near-term priority or already exporting its goods or services may apply here.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the national rhetoric around global trade has shifted. According to The World Bank, countries that trade internationally enjoy more economic growth, are more innovative and productive, and can provide more opportunities to citizens. San Diego is no exception—regional small businesses that export tend to have a larger and more diversified customer base, pick up best practices from global competitors, build up economies of scale, and ultimately pay their employees more. Access to international customers and markets is essential in helping San Diego’s business community recover after the COVID-19 pandemic, as small businesses employ 60 percent of San Diegans.

“For nearly a decade now, JPMorgan Chase and MetroConnect have teamed up to help San Diego businesses push the boundaries of innovation and growth,” said Aaron Ryan, Managing Director for San Diego Middle Market Banking at JPMorgan Chase. “San Diego is one of the most resilient economies in the U.S., and we keep seeing how businesses here are primed to realize their full potential across the globe.”

WTCSD hosted its MetroConnect Grand Prize PitchFest on May 11, with remarks by Nikia Clarke, Executive Director, WTCSD; Kevin Cox, President, Electra Bicycle Company; Danny Fitzgerald, Regional Director, San Diego & Imperial SBDC Network; and program underwriter Aaron Ryan, Managing Director for San Diego Middle Market Banking, JPMorgan Chase.

WTCSD has year-round, non-exclusive international opportunities that help companies break expand internationally, such as the Export SBDC and strategy for global engagement.

Learn more about WTCSD

A note from Mark…

Look for the good.

EDC investors and partners:

It might be easy to look at headlines or social media these days and feel a bit weighed down by the news in San Diego. When those chosen to lead important roles fail us, it creates distrust, anger, and frustration that can make its way into all our lives. Yet at the same time, it is important to look away from the headlines and remember who we really are as a community and as a region, and refocus our time and energy on the leadership and contributions that continue to make San Diego shine.

Just this week, 60 leaders came together to address the regional workforce and supply chain needs of San Diego’s defense industrial base. Together with San Diego Military Advisory Council, San Diego Ship Repair Association, NAVSEA, and the IBAS SHIP program, the day-long event served to support near-term and future needs for shipbuilders, submarines manufacturers, and supply chain partners who support thousands of jobs in the region.

The City of San Diego’s Development Services Department just launched its Life Science Industry Pilot Program to provide dedicated permitting resources and information to help the industry expand and succeed in San Diego.

In the weeks ahead, we will celebrate World Trade Week and conclude the sixth round of our MetroConnect program, which has collectively supported 95 small and mid-sized businesses in accessing new international markets. We also look ahead to another Mayor-led trade mission, this time to Korea—a dynamic and innovative country which promises to be a force in the global economy throughout this century.

And, as EDC always tracks, you can count on the region’s employers, anchors, and industries to weekly make ‘Good News’ headlines.

In closing—and to seize the momentum of the SDSU Men’s Basketball Team’s historic run to the NCAA National Championship Game—let’s continue to find those successes, challenges, and opportunities that bring us together as a region. While we have lots of work to do throughout the City and County, I am certain that if we look closely enough, we will see that we are still surrounded by the leadership and partnership needed to get things done. I know that is how we feel at EDC every day.

With respect and admiration for your ongoing leadership, contributions, and support,

Mark Cafferty
Mark Cafferty

President & CEO

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San Diego small businesses pitch for Dutch investment as part of mayoral trade mission

Trabus Technologies and Nano PharmaSolutions join delegation to Netherlands to drive local growth

This week, as part of Mayor Todd Gloria’s trade mission to the Netherlands, coordinated by World Trade Center San Diego (WTCSD), an affiliate of EDC, San Diego small businesses pitched their technology solutions to potential international partners and investors. Trabus Technologies (TRABUS) and Nano PharmaSolutions, both San Diego-based, minority-owned small businesses, joined this three-day trip to establish business relationships, pursue investment, and grow local jobs.

San Diego is the birthplace of many successful large, multinational companies, including Qualcomm who is represented in the delegation as well. However, small businesses—those with fewer than 100 employees—are the backbone of the regional economy and drive regional economic growth and innovation. Small businesses employ more than 60 percent of San Diego County’s workforce, nearly double the national average, and represent nearly 98 percent of the region’s firms. Yet small companies face outsize barriers to international expansion.

“Having an economy driven by small, innovative companies has been great for San Diego, and we want to support their expansion into overseas markets so they can stay strong and competitive in their industries,” said San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria. “This trade mission gives us the chance to lay that groundwork for small businesses that face headwinds overseas.”

In order to drive economic resilience, Mayor Todd Gloria and WTCSD have prioritized small businesses as part of the Netherlands trade mission. TRABUS and Nano PharmaSolutions—both innovative, minority-owned small businesses involved in WTCSD’s export accelerator program MetroConnect—pitched to the Port of Rotterdam and investors at the Leiden Bio Science Park respectively:

  • TRABUS and Port of Rotterdam: TRABUS is a service-disabled, veteran- and minority-owned small business providing innovative solutions to the U.S. government and private sector. The 50-person TRABUS team specializes in the development of technology across five major portfolios—wireless technologies, artificial intelligence and data science, maritime transportation, environmental informatics and cybersecurity. To be spotlighted in its pitch to the European port, TRABUS has developed the first AI-based voyage planning software, RippleGo, for the inland waterways. While the SaaS product is currently being tested on U.S. waterways, RippleGo could have tremendous potential to enhance voyage planning and supply chain logistics on EU based waterways for greater economic efficiencies.

 “We are excited about the potential partnerships and opportunities to work with the European maritime industry. The EU has an impressive, interconnected waterway network already. We hope to learn more about their network and offer up some of our technologies that can aid in waterway management and intermodal supply chain logistics,” said Art Salindong, Managing Director, TRABUS.

  • Nano PharmaSolutions (NPS) and Leiden Bio Science Park: A platform technology startup for nanodrug delivery of small molecule drugs, NPS offers improved solubility and convenient dosage form development. Founded in 2019, the company is seeking Seed and early-stage VC investment, with plans to expand into the European market and access increased pharmaceutical customers in the years ahead. NPS plans to co-manufacture clinical trial materials for their customers at Mikart Pharmaceutical, a contract manufacturing organization in Atlanta, GA, beginning Q3 2023. Mikart is a commercial scale oral dosage form company, which can support NanoTransformer™ nano-granulation and downstream dosage form manufacturing and QC activities.

“Not only does our NanoTransformer™ technology expedite drug development at a lower R&D cost, but it helps drugs absorb into the body more quickly and efficiently” said Dr. Kay Olmstead, Founder & CEO, NPS. “This is an incredible opportunity to share our story and build partnerships at the famous Leiden Bio Science Park, and we’re excited about what’s to come.”

With the right partners, small companies that solve important problems—like TRABUS and Nano PharmaSolutions—become big companies that change the world. That has always been San Diego’s story, and it is why we work so hard to open doors for innovators and entrepreneurs both overseas and back at home,” said Nikia Clarke, executive director of WTCSD and SVP, EDC.

This session is one of a dozen meetings and programs on the three-day trade mission to the Netherlands, September 26—29, 2022. See a summary of the trip here and follow along for more: #SDinNL

Learn more on SD and NL

The trade mission is organized by WTCSD, an affiliate of the San Diego Regional EDC, with assistance and support provided by the Consulate of the Netherlands, and sponsorship by ASML, Lufthansa, and Qualcomm Technologies.