Black lives matter and our commitment to San Diego

In light of the pain that the US has been facing, we must do better as a region and as a nation. At EDC, we’ve been thinking about what role – as an economic development organization – we should play in all of this.

We’ve put together some thoughts in a twitter thread, which you can view in full below:

For the past few years, our team has worked with local business and community leaders – during a time of profound economic growth – to create more inclusive economic development strategies and programs. You can learn more about our inclusive growth work here. The current and historical racial realities, compounded with the impacts of COVID-19 disproportionately affecting lower-income San Diegans, means we must do everything in our power to make sure we get this post-pandemic recovery right. We cannot do that without elevating Black and other marginalized voices.

As an organization, we’re the first to admit that we’re newer to inclusive work. We’ve spent nearly three years radically shifting our strategy so that inclusion and equity are the guiding principles behind our programming. It’s a work in progress. In the meantime, we vow to do better with the type of content we create, the people we profile, and the (digital) events we produce.

If you are a Black entrepreneur or business owner in San Diego and we can help connect you to resources, programs, or other assistance, please contact us here.

Today, on June 2, aside from this piece, we’re pausing content today to observe #BlackoutTuesday & make space for Black voices in San Diego.

Black lives matter. They matter in this country, they matter in San Diego, and they matter to us.

Join us in continuing this conversation.

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