EDC aids game organizer manufacturer with Escondido expansion

The Broken Token , a company that has permeated the board game market, creates custom gaming accessories and kits. While the manufacturer’s products are distributed globally, its 8,000 sq. ft. headquarters is located in Escondido. Since The Broken Token’s venture into tabletop gaming in 2013, the company has grown to 30 employees. And with more employees, comes a need for more space.

Now, the company has the potential to anchor the craft manufacturing sector in Escondido. The Broken Token is looking to expand into a larger building that would spark new life into the western edge of downtown Escondido. Additionally, the company is a key workforce development asset in North County. It provides opportunities for entry-level skill jobs where workers can develop new hands-on skills.

Through a referral from the City of Escondido, EDC guided the company through the process of applying for a $150,000 tax credit through the California Competes Tax Credit Program. Granted by the State of California, if approved, this credit will offset the company’s tax liability for the hiring of 14 new employees and investment of $350,000 over the next five years. Additionally, with the potential lease of a larger city-owned building on the horizon, EDC provided an introduction to CDC Small Business Finance, so the firm can arrange financing to complete necessary renovation on its potential future Escondido home.