February Innovators Dinner inspires North County entrepreneurs

Last month, Innovate78 gathered 20 forward-thinking entrepreneurs and change makers along the 78 Corridor for its quarterly Innovators Dinner.  The evening was full of solid connections and candid conversation about how we can create a stronger entrepreneurial climate among North County’s five cities.

Each quarter, the Innovators Dinner invites a guest speaker to inspire local entrepreneurs by telling their startup story. In February, entrepreneur and software manager Drew Wilson told the crowd about his experience founding Plasso, a San Diego-based e-commerce company, and offered helpful advice regarding fundraising and investing. Ultimately, Drew sold the company to GoDaddy, and accepted a position there.

The Innovators Dinner Series aims to bring together a diversity of people, engaging in meaningful conversations about how we can all grow and build a more prosperous North County. Bringing together entrepreneurs from every corner of the 78 corridor, the wide range of industries represented at each event—from technology to manufacturing to brewing to life sciences—reflects the strength of the corridor.

To learn more about Innovate78 and upcoming events along the 78 Corridor, visit its website.