How this local company is helping lead the electrification revolution

‘Electrification revolution’ to drive clean energy future, job growth, innovation

Today, Carlsbad-based battery manufacturer American Lithium Energy Corporation (ALE) announces it has secured a total of $13.2 million from the California Energy Commission (CEC) as part of its Realizing Accelerated Manufacturing and Production (RAMP) and Zero-Emissions Transportation Manufacturing programs. ALE will use the funding to expand its U.S.-based manufacturing production capabilities in Carlsbad, significantly grow its team in California, and increase use of U.S. and California-based raw materials and equipment supplies, in order to further its mission of developing sustainable energy solutions that promote the widespread adoption of zero-emissions transportation.

Founded in 2006 by Dr. John Fan, ALE’s technology first serviced the U.S. Army and has been actively engaged and shipping products to the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and several U.S. defense primes for more than 10 years. Now, with 40 patents and the most advanced lithium-ion battery in the world, the company offers battery applications for defense, aerospace, medical devices, electric vehicles, and much more.

A 2035 state mandate for electric vehicles and other ambitious goals has spurred significant investments in battery innovation. The recent $46 million CEC award to ALE and three other zero emission transportation manufacturing companies marked the single largest state award in history—designed to support the growth of lithium battery production, develop sustainable energy solutions, and promote the widespread adoption of zero-emissions transportation.

“We are thrilled to receive this significant funding from the California Energy Commission,” said Dr. John Fan, CEO, American Lithium Energy Corporation. “This funding will allow us to expand our outreach efforts, increase our production capabilities, and continue to drive innovation in the lithium battery industry. Our goal is to become a leader in sustainable energy solutions and expand our outreach efforts, increase our production capabilities, and continue to drive innovation in the lithium battery industry, and this funding will help us achieve that goal.”

As we become increasingly reliant on battery technology and governments make bold commitments to clean energy, the availability of lithium—a key component in batteries—will play a major role in nearly every aspect of our economy. California, and more specifically the Southern Border region of San Diego and Imperial Counties, is uniquely positioned to lead in the ‘electrification revolution’. Home to the largest rare earth mineral extraction site outside of China, ‘Lithium Valley’ in neighboring Imperial Valley’s Salton Sea presents significant opportunity to catalyze the U.S.’ future energy independence. In fact, the Salton Sea could provide 600,000 tons per year of lithium carbonate, currently priced at $12,000 per ton, which exceeds the total global lithium carbonate demand.

“As oil shaped the last century, lithium will help shape the next. And as leaders in technology, science, and manufacturing, our bi-national mega-region is uniquely positioned to lead in the clean energy future. To support more innovation, jobs, and companies like ALE, we will need the talent, infrastructure, and backing of our policymakers to do this right,” said Mark Cafferty, president and CEO, San Diego Regional EDC.

This funding is considered a component of ALE’s Series A fundraising. ALE is also actively engaging in discussions with investors that invest both equity and debt into energy storage solutions in order to accelerate its mission.

Other CEC program awardees include ChargePoint, Zimeno, and Wiggins Lift.

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