Meet our Board: Cheryl Goodman

Meet our Board: Cheryl Goodman

Meet Cheryl Goodman, head of corporate communications at Sony Electronics. Read the Q&A below, get to know Cheryl and find out why she is proud to have Sony Electronics’ North American headquarters located here in San Diego.

What is your “day job”?

Every day, in Corporate Communications for Sony, I unearth and translate the deep tech that makes press, employees, and the general public excited to have Sony products not only in their homes, but to have Sony Headquartered in their hometown—#HelloSanDiego. Working alongside Sony President Mike Fasulo, we are on the road nearly every week to talk tech from sensors, to standards, to 8K, to robotics, to Hollywood events at Sony Pictures or Sony Corp in Tokyo. Sony is a creative entertainment company with deep technology roots, and I’m fortunate to be able to illustrate how we move people emotionally though epic content & our best-in-class technology.

Of all the boards in San Diego, why EDC?

EDC gathers relevant leaders surrounding key topics to make business move forward…and it’s fun. Summer Bash, anyone?

Favorite quote?

“Be the CEO your mom wanted you to marry.”

We know San Diego is a life changing place, what was your life changing moment?

Leaving a great paying job at a great company to start my own business in 2013 reconfirmed to me that the only limits in life are the ones we put on ourselves. I left because I didn’t like my title or future growth path, those things changed and so did my life.

What is your favorite EDC program or initiative?

San Diego: Life. Changing.