Meet our Board: Tom Pellette

Meet our Board: Tom Pellette

Meet Tom Pellette, President of Solar Turbines. Read the Q&A below to get to know Tom and find out why a global company, like Solar Turbines, finds value in San Diego Regional EDC.

What is your “day job”?

As President, I am responsible for driving Solar Turbines’ strategic direction as we design, develop, manufacture, and service innovative energy solutions. Solar is a leading provider of industrial gas turbine generator, compressor, and mechanical drive packages. We provide best-in-class service support and connected product technology to drive value for customers around the world.

Of all the boards in San Diego, why EDC?

As a global company that has been in San Diego for more than 90 years, Solar Turbines recognizes the critical importance of organizations like EDC to maximize the region’s economic prosperity and global competitiveness.

We know San Diego is a life changing place, what was your life changing moment?

Getting my first job at Solar Turbines. I have been fortunate to have a long, fulfilling career of 26 years both at Solar Turbines and Caterpillar, our parent company. For much of my career, I have been lucky to call San Diego my home.

What is your favorite EDC program or initiative?

All of the programs at EDC are important because of their ability to coordinate and represent corporate interests, from supporting international trade, to fostering local talent development, and maximizing economic prosperity to promote San Diego as a globally competitive region.