Monthly Report – November 2022

The EDC team just recently moved into our new offices on the fourth floor of UC San Diego Park & Market in Downtown San Diego. And when you go through a big office move after being in the same place for more than a decade, you find a few reminders of what has made the work so important and special over the years…

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By the numbers

  • 6 full-time hires made following Advancing San Diego Internship Program
  • $27B annual life sciences cluster economic impact (2022)
  • 144K advancing manufacturing jobs in San Diego (2022)
  • 61K life sciences jobs in San Diego (2022)

Featured stories

New and renewing investors

  • Amazon
  • Longfellow Real Estate Partners
  • Ace Parking
  • Mitsubishi Motors
  • Layton Construction
  • Meyers Nave
  • PNC Bank
  • WD-40

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