San Diego’s Good News of the Year 2022

As with every week, EDC’s ‘Good News’ sifts through the noise and provides a roundup of the positive headlines made by businesses, entrepreneurs, and others across the San Diego region. With 2022 nearly behind us, this edition serves to spotlight the biggest stories of a year marked by ‘normalcy’—a return to in-person gatherings, world travel, VC cooldown, and more.

Here’s San Diego’s Good News of the Year:

Investing in innovation

Venture capital and other investments into the region were strong, with sustained emphasis on Life Sciences and Technology innovation. Some 2022 standouts:

Going global, again

San Diego travel came back with a bang, with 18.4M travelers through San Diego International Airport (SAN) as of October, and greater connectivity to and investment from key international markets. Global news of the year:

Build back better, literally

While remote and hybrid work prove they’re here to stay, San Diego real estate expansion and investment marched on. Developments worth noting:

Local education systems score rightful kudos

The driving force behind our region’s talent pipeline, San Diego colleges and universities are globally renowned—scoring funding, top accolades, and record enrollment rates. The education wins of 2022:


San Diego knocked it out of the park this year, earning top spots in live, work, play rankings and staking its rightful claim as a ‘sports town.’ A few of the many we’re proud of in 2022:

EDC’s own good news

Top 10 in 2022
San Diego’s good news is EDC’s good news. With and through our investors, our year in review includes a new board chair, increased commitments to Inclusive Growth, a fresh brand in a new home, and much more. See it all in EDC’s Top 10 in 2022.