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Amazon Plans To Hire 300 Workers At New San Diego Tech Hub

Press Type: celebrates the opening of a new office for its San Diego technology hub, with plans to create 300 technology jobs in San Diego as part of its expansion. 

The Winners and Losers of America’s Startup Economy

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San Diego is among cities that accounted for the biggest relative gains in startups over time.

Is San Diego the New San Francisco? Why CRE Investors Should Keep an Eye on the City

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"America’s Finest City has always had the requisite infrastructure to realize the potential embodied by Qualcomm. The area is home to a number of well-regarded universities—Jacobs’ UC San Diego among them—as well as the internationally respected Scripps Research Institute and Salk Institute for Biological Studies. In short, San Diego’s intellectual capital has never been in short supply—it simply hasn’t been given the chance to thrive."

Downtown San Diego Is Booming. Here's Why

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Downtown San Diego is booming with residential and commercial development. No longer is it the once sleepy navy town boasting the best climate in the country. The weather remains beautiful year-round while the city has reinvented itself as a dynamic place to live, work and play.

Hatched In A Dorm Room, This $25M Investment Fund Is Redefining Venture Capital

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Despite having one more year of school ahead of them, these UC San Diego students created a student-led investment vehicle, Triton Fund, raising $25 million, primarily from local San Diego investors and alumni of their respective universities.

How 3,000 streetlights turned San Diego into America’s smartest city

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"Perhaps no American metropolitan area has received more accolades for its smart city initiatives than San Diego [...] And it all started with a few lights. Well, more than just a few."

Beyond Comic-Con: San Diego's beaches and Pacific views are its real stars

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"As fans flock to the famous sci-fi, fantasy and comic convention, we skip the event halls in favour of the best of the Californian city’s outdoor life."

30 Cities Best Positioned for Long-Term Success

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For its ability to attract top-tier talent and foster future innovation, San Diego has been ranked the #10 city best positioned for long-term success. And we couldn't agree more.

Rapid genome sequencing could revolutionize health care for acutely ill babies

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San Diego's Illumina and Rady Children's Hospital are easing suffering, and saving lives of infants born with unexplained diseases with their world-class genomics sequencing and research.

U.S. government picks San Diego to test autonomous drone deliveries

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With a continued commitment to growing San Diego’s reputation as a hub for innovation, the City of San Diego, City of Chila Vista and San Diego Regional EDC announced that San Diego has been selected to participate in a new program by the U.S. Department of Transportation to advance the testing of unmanned aircraft technology, grow the innovation economy and create jobs.