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July 24, 2014

Comic Con

Via Nerdist 

North America’s largest pop culture convention kicks off in San Diego today.  For more than 40 years, people from around the globe have flocked to San Diego for Comic- Con. What does this mean for the region? We pulled some numbers together to find out:

  • The projected economic impact to the region is $177.8 million 
  •  In 1970, 300 people attended the first Comic-Con. Today, a crowd of more than 130,000 attend the four-day event
  •  Comic-Con means approximately 60,960 hotel room nights have been booked in San Diego 
  •  The estimated cumulative attendance since 1970 is 1,840,000 people
  • If all of Comic-Con attendees in the show’s history linked arms, the line would reach 1,855 mi, which would stretch from the San Diego Convention Center past Chicago (via Nerdist)
  • Plans for an Expanded Convention Center are underway, which will add 740,000 square feet and is expected to yield 7,000 new permanent jobs and $13.5 million in additional tax revenue to the city’s general fund. When complete, San Diego will boast the largest contiguous exhibit space on the West Coast, enticing conventions like Comic-Con to continue calling San Diego home