Investor Spotlight: PCL Construction

San Diego Regional EDC is a 501c6 nonprofit organization supported by investment from nearly 200 companies, public agencies, and private organizations. EDC provides direct services to help companies grow and thrive in San Diego, and leads initiatives to enhance the region’s recovery and resilience. 

We sat down with new EDC investor Lucas Mallory, San Diego Area Manager at PCL Construction, to discuss the company’s culture, current projects, and why PCL loves the San Diego business community. Check it out!

Tell us about PCL Construction.

PCL is a group of independent construction companies that carries out work across Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, and Australia. PCL is one of North America’s largest construction general contractors with diverse operations in the civil infrastructure, heavy industrial, and buildings markets.

PCL is 100 percent employee-owned. Tell us how your “culture of ownership” drives your success.

The value of employee ownership at PCL is that everyone has a stake in our collective success. We come to work each day knowing that we can choose to make a difference for our clients, our communities, and each other. This mindset promotes a culture of continuous improvement and provides opportunities to reap the rewards of ownership. Our culture also fosters a sense of responsibility to serve as employee, community, and industry advocates. As such, we invest in employee development, participate in activities that make a positive social impact, such as beach clean-ups and food drives, and ensure our people feel valued. We recognize that to be the best, diversity of thought, demographics, and status are critical components for strengthening our business. Initiatives that support these commitments aren’t for show. We truly believe in their importance. Building people, communities, and legacies are part of our core values.

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What is the office and job site culture like for employees?

Construction is a business full of excitement, challenges, and constant changes. We set up a working environment that encourages having fun. Whether cleaning beaches, exploring San Diego hiking trails, volunteering for food and blood drives, bringing in breakfast burritos from the Stars and Stripes Taco Shop on Miramar Road, or playing in a softball or soccer league (pictured right), the team likes spending time together. The mere fact that our PCLers softball team lost every one of their games this season, yet we still came back for more week after week, is a testament to the employee spirit at PCL in San Diego! And PCL Construction is currently hiring! Check out our open positions in San Diego.

Tell us more about the exciting projects you are currently developing in the region.

It’s an exciting time for PCL in San Diego! We have a diverse market focus with projects that are positively impacting the communities where we build. For instance, we have two design-build projects for the County of San Diego with the Southeastern Live Well Center and Lakeside Library. Both projects bring very meaningful services to the local community that make our job as builders a bit more impactful. The Southeastern Live Well Center also includes a significant cost commitment to the local community through specific zip code subcontracting and workforce opportunities. Its a vehicle for economic growth in the region with impacts beyond just this project.

We are also very active in the bluetech industry space, which is very unique for the San Diego region. We’re currently leading the Marine Conservation and Technology Facility for the UCSD Scripps Institute of Oceanography along with a private seafood biosciences facility. Each provide applied research and education to pave the way for a greater understanding of how to protect marine ecosystems and coastal environments in San Diego and throughout the world. San Diego Area Manager Lucas Mallory and two team members are pictured at the Marine Conservation and Technology Facility above.

Seismic upgrade projects are also in full swing at UCSD and strengthen the very buildings where we work. Between these and other projects, we are proud to be fostering the future and sustainability of the region. They are providing value well beyond construction.

What are some advantages to doing business in San Diego?

San Diego offers a business community that works collaboratively and strives to put the best parts and pieces together. Our business community connects people who only want the best for San Diego. While we compete against many other qualified contractors, we also partner with them to find ways to bring forward the best products and practices. Having been in the San Diego market for over 16 years, PCL has facilitated strong and lasting relationships with our subtrade and architect partners. These relationships are truly where the magic happens—where everyone is predisposed to welcome new ideas and innovations. I am proud to live in such a wonderful place where people consistently raise the bar for the industry.

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