Regional Profile: Tijuana, MX


Tijuana: The largest city in the state of Baja California sits at one of busiest land border crossings in the world. Together with San Diego, Tijuana is part of a dynamic cross-border metropolis where deep economic and cultural linkages result in the creation of value, jobs and exports. The unique dynamics of the region provide local companies with an important comparative advantage in the global economy.

In Tijuana, employment in global companies has grown steadily, with many workers engaged in STEM and R&D-intensive industries. The city has become a powerhouse in industries such as semiconductors, medical devices, aerospace, electrical equipment, and audiovisual and communications equipment. Quality universities and an attractive cost of doing business have supported the development of these high-growth industries, attracting more than $5.6 billion of foreign direct investment to the region since 2012.

On average, 135,000 people cross the border each day between San Diego and Tijuana. Like the economy, people’s lives exist on both sides of the border. Tijuana’s vibrant cultural scene – with trendy coffee shops, world-class restaurants, museums, art galleries and a top-ranked soccer team – provides an enriching quality of life to residents. Nearby beaches in Rosarito and Ensenada, as well as the bourgeoning Valle de Guadalupe wine region, attract tourists year-round.