Cracking the Code: The Economic Impact of San Diego’s Genomics Industry


The region has provided the fundamental genomic research that has galvanized scientific discovery across the globe. As we enter into an era of personalized medicine and technology, San Diego’s companies, research institutes, and  universities will continue to pioneer discoveries across the interdisciplinary field of genomics.


Tech: A look at the San Diego Region’s 78 Corridor


The 78 Corridor includes the cities of Carlsbad, Escondido, Oceanside, San Marcos, and Vista. With a population totaling 630,000, the Corridor is home to nearly one-fifth of residents in the San Diego Region. Employment along the Corridor exceeds 290,000 jobs – roughly 19 percent of the regional total – and annual gross regional product (GRP) surpasses $36 billion, making the 78 Corridor a major player in the regional economy. Moreover, North County has emerged as a leader of technological innovation; with over 850 total tech firms – a concentration nearly 42% above the national average – the 78 Corridor’s diverse and well-established tech cluster has seen steady growth in recent years. Contributing more than $6.1 billion annually and directly employing nearly 25,000 people, tech along the Corridor is a major engine of economic growth within the region.

Innovate78 is a marketing and economic development initiative led by five North County San Diego cities – Carlsbad, Escondido, Oceanside, San Marcos, and Vista . Along the 78 Corridor, elected leaders, city staff, businesses, and
educational institutions are working to leverage the area’s collective strengths and assets – speaking with one voice to retain, expand, and attract talent, companies, and investment.