WTCSD’s Q2 Global Brief: Ukraine impacts, Tijuana talent, and more

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In Q2 2022, here’s what you need to know about San Diego’s global trade, investment, and engagement:

The crisis in Ukraine and its impact on San Diego businesses 

The conflict in Ukraine has major implications for Russia’s relationship with Western nations and the global economy—and has already led to significant changes in the regulation of trade. The WTCSD team sat down with San Diego trade attorney Bob Bowen and law firm Procopio to learn how San Diego companies—particularly in energy, defense, and dual-use technologies—can prepare for these changes.

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SIDUS Solutions strengthens brand in Europe, Asia with MetroConnect

San Diego’s SIDUS Solutions, which generated 15 percent of revenue from exports but faced canceled trade shows due to COVID-19, needed to find new ways to connect with its international customers and retain revenue. Leveraging MetroConnect’s expert workshops, translation tools, and $5,000 grant, SIDUS strengthened its digital presence to expand brand awareness and build relationships in target overseas markets.

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How Tijuana can address San Diego’s battle for talent

When your San Diego business needs to find qualified digital talent in a competitive market, consider staying regional and look to Tijuana. Just 20 minutes south of San Diego and in the same time zone, firms like Thermo Fisher Scientific are already leveraging the benefits of a binational team, including visa flexibility, easy sample transport, and proximity for culture-building and quality assurance.

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