WTCSD’s Q3 Global Brief: International travel returns, San Diego’s newest exporters, and more

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MetroConnect VI: Meet the cohort

In February, WTCSD announced the sixth cohort of its MetroConnect program, helping 15 small and medium-sized businesses expand international operations and export pipelines. This year’s cohort spans key regional innovation industries, including techlife sciences, and consumer goods, highlighting San Diego’s continued global growth and diverse innovation economy.

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Spotlight: Lufthansa Group keeps San Diego going global

A long-time partner, Lufthansa Group continues to work collaboratively with WTCSD and the San Diego Regional Airport Authority to offer a trusted gateway from the San Diego region into Western Europe. Lufthansa’s new nonstop flight to Munich, among other efforts, is helping San Diego return to international travel and expand global connectivity—including WTCSD’s upcoming trade mission to the Netherlands.

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Real Dog Box launches local shopping partnership program

Meet Real Dog Box, a San Diego startup and MetroConnect VI company dedicated to creating single-ingredient treats that enhance dogs’ lives and health. Via nine local partnerships, Real Dog Box’s new Pawsport program helps San Diegans support dog-friendly businesses and win big.

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